Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up~Week 12


Yeah.  The last time I did this was week two.  10 weeks have passed since then.  10 weeks that were gone in a blink. 


If I’m not careful another 10 weeks are going to be gone too.


I’ve got to get some of these school days on my blog, proof to my children and myself that our home education was a rich and satisfying, if not a hectic and bizarre experience!


Tot School~


See the cool chair that I bought for my sanity.  It holds a child up to 40 pounds, Marshmallow is tall but really skinny and only weighs about 22 pounds so I have lots of time with this beautiful chair.  She loves sitting at the table with us, though she has the ability to get the whole table moving with the swinging of her feet.

005 (2)

I gave her the hot dot pen and some picture cards to play with.  She loved hearing the pen cheer for her and she loved turning the pages in the little picture book.


My mom got Marshmallow this awesome learning toy!  She loves it! It holds her attention and even though she’s not real interested in matching up the colors, she will put them where I tell her too. 



003 (2)

I got these alphabet pages from Confessions of a Homeschooler, her printables continue to bless me more than I can express.  I’m so thankful for these young Moms who are computer savvy and share their creativity with the rest of us.  I’m also amazed at how well and thoroughly Laffy Taffy understands and writes his letters.  He can write any letter I tell him too.  I don’t think my other children were doing that at four.

007 (2)

Linking cube activity’s.


This is new thing I added to our schoolroom this week.  They are beautiful and the children think they are great fun!


2nd Grade & 4th Grade~

Homeschool Bowling!

008 (2)

Team:  Bubble Gum Blast

009 (2)

Team: Warrior of Valor

I’ve also had them doing All About Spelling together.  I didn’t plan to do it this way, but it’s working out really well.  We are almost done with Level 2, I have us doing 4 lessons a week.  We’ll be done before Thanksgiving Break.  I’ll get the next level during that time.



10th Grade~

Strawberry is a little more elusive during school time.  She’s often sitting at her desk or up in her room, so I don’t get many photos of her.  She is taking the PSAT on Saturday.  Exciting!  She’s also working on developing a new blog that will encourage other teenage girls to be courageous for Christ in everything they do, including how they dress.  She and her friends are working on it together, it’s such a great concept and I pray the Lord will bless it!

My older sons are plugging along through their senior year of PSEO/Highschool.  Chocolate Taffy had an Ethics presentation at school this week, 45 minutes long!  It was a group project and I heard they did fantastic! He wore a suit coat and everything!  Banana Taffy’s presentation is in two weeks.  Chocolate’s speech was on lethal force used by Law Enforcement Officers and Banana’s is about Stem Cell Research. They are being stretched and challenged in their PreCalculus class and they are both enjoying having their best friends join them at PSEO this year! 


Before I know it they will be graduated and I’ll be planning an open house, helping them with college applications and taking their senior pictures. 


Somebody tape my eyes open, I don’t want to miss anything!


Mrs. Taffy

P.S. I’ve been updating my “Meet the Taffy Flavors” Page.  If you want to read the new bio’s and see what’s on everybody’s mind this year click here.  Blessings!


  1. Wonderful!
    My blog as been silent for some time now as well. I too am going to get back into it. Sometimes I find it difficult to just START again. When so much time has passed and many things have happened, I feel the need to update everyone which could take MANY blog posts.. ha ha.

  2. thanks for the peek! I love the bowling pictures, and the marshmallow pictures, well all of the pictures! You are right -- don't blink!


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