Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap~13



I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week.  Taking pictures of the food I’ve made somehow makes it feel more important.  Granted, I have a strong belief that food is important and it’s one of the best ways I show love to my family. But I spend all that time making it and it’s gone in 10 minutes!  So taking a picture makes is last longer and feel more significant.  Try it, it might encourage you too!  (smile)

Tot School~

Sweet Marshmallow didn’t terrorize the school room too badly this week.  She still wants to be in the middle of everything and pushes people out of her way to get there, but she did manage to sit for a little bit and do some fun things.


This was a highly supervised activity.  I am so protective of that wooden ball.  It was lost for months and then I found it and now I’m being a little anal about keeping it safe.  lol



Laffy Taffy worked on lowercase j and lower case k this week.  Here he is putting jewels on his letter j for our lowercase alphabet he’s building.




These awesome pattern block sheets are from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Thanks so much for your printables! 

2nd Grade~


Still loving A Reason for Handwriting.  The lessons are short, the content great and the finished lesson is a piece of art.

4th Grade~

Here’s Blue-Raspberry reading through his Latin Vocabulary.  He got an A on his chapter test this week and he’s feeling very happy with himself.  He studied extra hard and it paid off!



This is from the kid’s History Book, there are two sets of heads here…I thought they looked impressive all laid out like that.  These are the friends, family and foes of Charles the Great. Each head is labeled on the back.

042              044

We are working our way through the Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Book, this week we set the book aside and worked on building a life size model of a body.  Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum each have their own.  This has been a really fun project and again, I have to say thank you to Erica for these awesome print outs


And finally, we wrap up the week with some HeadventureLand fun.  The kids are watching a Latin video, they also played a few Latin games.  By the way, anyone can use HeadventureLand, I think there would be some benefit even if you didn’t buy the curriculum, the website is free and there are many videos and coloring pages and games in Latin, Greek and Spanish!

That pretty much wraps up our week.  We had a fun day of watching the snow fall and drinking hot chocolate, a trip to the library and Costco, lots of laundry and even a cookie or two. 

Praying you’ve had a great week, and as you’ve rested over the weekend, had time to recharge for the week ahead!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Yeah! that is what school should be like! I tried (and succeeded) to send the Latin video to Walker. I think he'll be impressed. Great week you guys!


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