Monday, November 12, 2012

How I deal with Cold and Flu Season

The season is upon us, not only the holiday season but the cold and flu season.  Last week we had a little round of minor colds and it made me realize that I wasn’t prepared to deal with it.  I like to have some things on hand to deal with sickness and get us well as naturally and quickly as possible.  No flu shots here.

And even though it was a financial sacrifice, the trade off is worth it.  I could have easily spent as much in copays at the doctor’s office. 


Here’s what I keep on hand for the cold and flu season:

  • Odorless garlic-Garlic is a natural germ fighter.  I give this to each member of my family except the baby, every morning with breakfast.
  • Berry Well-I just love this stuff, at the first sign of a cold I’m giving this to my children by the spoonful.  It’s a blend of raw honey and elderberries and propolis.  I think the honey and berries must be fermented somewhat because there is a small  percentage of alcohol, though no more than found in a ripe banana. 
  • Bee’s Aide-At the first complaint of a sore throat I’m giving squirts of Bee’s Aide, more raw honey and other natural ingredients.  This stuff works particularly well on me and I can usually get a sore throat healed within 24 hours.  It’s intense, sometimes makes me gag, but it’s better than getting a strep test and enduring a round of antibiotics!!
  • Winter Breeze-This is a non-petroleum based chest rub that I have been comfortable using on my newborns.  It’s great at night time when they have stuffy noses or a chesty cough.
  • Eucalyptus Oil- This is by far the best thing, along with Tea Tree Oil to put in the Vaporizer to ensure a good nights sleep when little ones are stuffed up and uncomfortable. 


My two favorite teas for the cold and flu season are Echinacea Complete Care and Throat Coat.  I particularly like Echinacea and the children love the Throat Coat, stir in some raw honey and you have  a powerful combination for comfort and healing.  I bought a case of Echinacea tea from Azure! 

I will write up another post explaining what I do when specific childhood illnesses rear their unwelcome heads.  I’m not going to give medical advice, just share what works for us. 


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. That's all good to know stuff. You have inspired me to stock up too. I hope everyone is feeling better.

  2. I've read your two posts and was wondering ... what about during pregnancy? So many things you need to stay away from, so I was curious about the Berry Well and other things you mentioned in today's post.
    Thanks so much for sharing! I am so happy you have continued to blog, to share about your family and the things you have learned along the way! I look forward to your posts and was so pleased to see you continue, when you were struggling earlier. And also - you said some things may be changing for your family, you will be in my prayers!

    1. Hi Krystal! I feel completely comfortable taking all the supplements that I mentioned while pregnant. I would add to the regemin: Red Raspberry Leaf (for uterus health) and folic acid (for making blood). I usually do have issues with anemia, especially when I'm pregnant with a girl, iron supplements don't really work for me so I don't take those. I did a post once about how I raise my iron without supplements

      Thanks for your kind words! And I SOOO appreciate your prayers, soon I should be able to share the incredible thing God is working out for us!

      Mrs. Taffy


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