Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How I deal with other childhood illnesses


I like to prevent as many colds as possible and I feel it’s worth it to spend a little time at prevention.  Each morning I give my little ones each a spoonful of multi-vitamins and liquid calcium (I take the calcium too) and they each take a Cod Liver Oil, and garlic in the winter. I have the teens taking Fish Oil from Costco. I don’t like to load them up too much in the morning but my sons especially benefit from the fish oil, it helps their concentration and their emotional stability. It’s a frantic day at our house when we run out!

Keeping their bodies well-nourished with supplements and real food and glasses of purified water is a perfect foundation for fighting off the germs they come in contact with.

I’m going to share some of the things I do when particular illnesses come up, but please understand that I have to write a disclaimer here. I am comfortable treating my family this way, so is my husband, I am by no means suggesting you do the same, just sharing what works for us. Take your children to the doctor if that’s what you are comfortable doing! No judgments here, healthcare is highly personal, just like the decision to homeschool. Do what you feel like the Lord is leading you to do!

Croup-I hate the croup. I had is often as a child. I can remember the panicky feeling of not being able to breath, of coughing and having it do absolutely nothing. Because of my own experience I can often tell when my children are getting croupy or could possibly wake up in the middle of the night barking like a seal. The best way to get those lungs to open up is get the child in a temperaturally different environment. In Minnesota, that means wrapping a big blanket around the child and heading into the garage. The change in temperature will often help the lungs open up, ease breathing and help the child to calm down. It also works in the bathroom by running all the water spigots on HOT. The steam from the water will have the same effect, though I think the cold works quicker. No dairy products until the croup is completely gone!  Since the croup is basically a head cold moved down south, I continue to treat it like I would a cold, using the items I mentioned in the previous post.

Pink-Eye-Thankfully my children haven’t had much experience with this “cold in the eye” but when I do suspect that it might be starting or if I they wake up with a gunky red eye, I've found two ways to treat it.  Besides using a warm wash cloth to clean the eye, I also will make a charcoal slurry and use it as eye drops.  If you don’t know anything about charcoal I highly recommend reading Charcoal Remedies by John Dinsley. Fascinating read!  Another remedy is breast milk, if you have any on hand, or rather, in breast, the natural antibiotics in your milk will clear that eye up VERY quickly.  So amazing!

Tummy Trouble-  This has got to be a large families worst enemy.  Just thinking about it makes my stomach roll!  Probably anybody’s really, but in the large family the amount of laundry…oh my.  Well, anyway, I personally love Tummy Tune-up at the first utterance of, “Mom, I don’t feel good…my tummy hurts.”   Usually Tummy Tune-up will take care of it before we are running for the toilet, but not always.  When it’s really bad I will give my children charcoal in the capsule.  Charcoal not only neutralizes the stomach acids, it’s also bonds to the offending organisms and carries them out the opposite end (always preferable in my opinion!) Peppermint Tea is also a good one for tummy’s that just need a little settling.  Maybe #1 son ate too much dinner or #5 daughter snuck some extra cookie dough, peppermint tea is my first choice. 

Sore Throats- Like I mentioned in the previous post, Bee’s Aide is the first place I go for throat relief.  But if that doesn’t work, gargling with good ole’ warm salt water is my second choice.  My oldest three children had strep throat once, when they were little, before I knew anything about natural healing.  I thought Strawberry had it once when her tonsils were covered with white dots and nothing I was trying was working, I paid the copay, got her the strep test.  T’was nothing….just go home keep gargling, it should clear up a in few days…wow.  I think it was tonsillitis, it’s painful but just has to run it’s course. 

Ear Aches- Okay, this is going to sound really weird but remember those garlic pills I keep mentioning?  Well, those little amazing things are AWESOME for ear aches.  When my children are crying from sore ears I will use a pin to poke a hole in one of the pills and gently squeeze the contents of the pill into the aching ear.  After the pill is empty I will gently massage the part of the neck that is directly below the ear to help the oil to really get in there.  Then I will give the child a warm washcloth to hold on their ear while they lay on the couch.  I will also give them some Tylenol to help with the initial pain.  Garlic has always worked for me, the kids’ biggest complaint is how weird it feels but it doesn’t hurt, as in cause EXTRA pain. 

I’m so thankful to have quality resources to help me treat my family naturally!

Please share any other ideas you have to help your family stay and keep well!


Mrs. Taffy

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