Friday, November 23, 2012

The happiest of days!

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?  We sure did!  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t perfect nor stressless but I went to bed exhausted and FULL of thanks! We are so blessed!  Here’s a few pictures from our day of Thankfulness.


Our day started out with Laffy Taffy getting up at 4:45.  Yes, that would be in the morning.  He was so excited to EAT apparently.  I held off our morning appetizers to a “late” time of 7:30.  They basically inhaled all this food.  After appetizers and cleaning up we set up our family photo shoot.  You will see pictures of that fun time in my header up top. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was on while our photo shoot was happening too.

At 1:00 our first round of company arrived!


I offered to take a  few photos for them too.  This is Mr. Taffy’s sister and her daughters, our nieces.  Such lovely ladies!

170-favorite cousins

Then I got a picture of all the cousins.  We thought this would be a nice gift for the kid’s great-grandma.  The children don’t have grandparents on my husband’s side, besides Great-Grandma, so she is pretty cherished by this whole group.

After photos, we ate!  (2pm)


See my empty spot there by Mr. Taffy.  (smile)   Everything was delicious and I have lots of leftovers!

After lunch I sent the older kids on a Scavenger Hunt around the neighborhood.




It was a very exciting time.  Mr. Taffy gave them a 45 minute limit.  They each had a cell phone with them to take pictures of the things they found.  Team 3 won!  I gave the winners each a $5 gift card to Target.  The excitement came in when the temperature started dropping and then it started sleeting.  By the time they got home, it had started snowing!  That wasn’t even in the forecast!  I made them hot chocolate and they warmed up playing games until our second round of company came. (6pm)

I didn’t even get a picture of that…but our dear friends came over with their 4 children, we all had dessert together, the kids played spoons and other LOUD games, the grown-ups just talked and talked and talked.  Everybody left around 10.  The roads were nasty, but everybody got home safe and sound.

It was a wonderful day!  I’ve just got so much to be thankful for!  One of them that comes to mind is today (the day after Thanksgiving) I don’t have anything that I HAVE to do!  I’m going to take to day to rest after all that work.  I’m sitting by the warm fire listening to the girls do crafts and the boys watching Cars 2, the snow is blowing around outside and the Peppermint Jo-Jo’s are divine!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I'm also loving the photos on the wall in your dining room! What does it say above their photos??

    1. Lisa, those are what we affectionately call "name plaques." It displays the child's name, meaning and a scripture. They are a very Minnesotan thing, I still need to get one for Marshmallow. :)


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