Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up Week 14


I just decided to keep this running theme of showcasing some of the different things we ate this week.  It really does help me in some strange way.  The pictures aren’t brilliant because I just took them with my phone, but I think they look pretty tasty still, even if my tortillas aren’t round, I am getting better at being consistent with their shape though.  (grin)

Okay, on to the children…

Tot School~

015      021

Coloring and Stamping.  She’s claimed this seat at the little table for her own.  All of Bubble Gum’s papers have little baby scribbles on them, at least it’s peaceful this way!


Watching an intense game of Chess.  She climbed up on the table all by herself and just sat down and watched like she knew what was going on.  It’s amazing watching her transition from being a baby to being an active member of the family, participating in things, expressing her opinion, wanting to be involved, clearly communicating.  She is approaching my favorite age (2) and I find myself delighting in her more every day!



A little Cowboy joined us one day…working on his Song School Latin Coloring Pages…

016     026

Matching up Lowercase and Capital Letters in his pocket chart and showing off his final page of this Linking Cubes book.  He finished it this week and was VERY pleased with himself.  I’ve had this book for years, since Banana Taffy was 4, love it!

2nd & 4th Grade~

007      029

Blue-Raspberry wrote a poem about the weather in his Write Shop book and illustrated it .  He did such a nice job that we thought it deserved a special piece of paper and his best cursive handwriting.  We made a copy of it and sent it to Grandma Judy.  Surprise Mom! 

Bubble Gum finished level 2 of All about Spelling.  So proud of her!!  We hung her certificate up in the school room so she can feel good about her accomplishment.


Okay, so this was really fun.  Erica provided the skeleton printable, I laminated the different bones and stuck magnets on the back, the kids worked on putting the bones in the correct places.  They really enjoyed this activity. 



This is my daily view of Strawberry Taffy.  She’s such a focused student.  She worked extra hard this week so she could take Friday off.  She’s about to finish her first history book and has finished her first logic book.  I’m giving her a break from both subjects until after Christmas break.  She’ll read the second history book then and start the second half of logic.  She’s taking the Plan test in a couple weeks to get ready for PSEO. She’s also studying to take the Biology CLEP.


She got inspired to make sugar cookies, she was so ambitious that she made a double batch including fall and Christmas cut-outs!  Yay Strawberry!

We had a big week for my high school seniors.  It started out with me making their official transcripts and getting a plan in place for their final semester of high school and their 4th semester of college.


My planning mess…


The all important file box that holds every important piece of paper for their education. 


Here they are, I actually got a picture of them this week.  Here we are waiting for an appointment with a Guidance Counselor at a University that they boys will (if they get accepted) be taking their final semester at.  This is the school that Banana will be able to get his Law Enforcement Degree from and it’s the school that has the science classes that Chocolate needs for his Mechanical Engineering Degree.  I had to take the two littlest ones with me, but they were very good and this was a very proactive and out-of-my-comfort zone thing to do!  lol  I’m experiencing a HUGE learning curve here.  Phew.  Good thing my sons are so patient with me. 

Another big thing week was the meeting regarding graduation.  They have to apply to graduate with the group that hosts their PSEO classes.  We went to a informational meeting and turned in applications.  We’ll find out next week if they get to graduate with their friends.  I hope they do, I’m so excited for them to have this experience!

I could say more, we had a pretty big week, but I have limited space left for photos on blogger, so I’ll stop now. 

Thanking God for the ability to homeschool and be involved in all these little details!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. That was fun! And I did get Blue Raspberry's poem today! wonderful!


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