Sunday, February 10, 2013

Celebrating like an American Girl

This is such an amazing time of the year for us.  I call it birthday season.  Because every time I turn around somebody is getting another year older and I find myself making cakes and lighting candles.  This was our particularly busy birthday week with two children changing up their ages.  Saturday it was Bubble Gum’s Turn.
For Bubble Gum’s birthday she wanted to go to the American Girl Place at the Mall of America, for dessert and shopping.  She’s been saving her money since Christmas and she had enough, all except for six little dollars to buy her very own, brand new American Girl Doll.  She picked Marie-Grace.
Mr. Taffy and I also let her pick out a couple things since we hadn’t wrapped and bought any other presents for her, knowing this was what she’d been wanting to do.  Wow, AG is EXPENSIVE!  So ridiculous and my frugal side was choking and gagging the whole time.  But we made it out, on budget and our daughter was on cloud 9.
After shopping we went to the café’ for some dessert.
They definitely know how to make little girls feel special!
There was singing and candles and a little “garbage disposal” who ate everybody’s left overs.
We came home later, did a bunch of kitchen tasks and then put dinner on. Bubble Gum wanted Costco Lasagna (easy) for dinner, I added sprouted wheat garlic sour dough bread and steamed broccoli to that and we were good.  I also talked her into getting cupcakes at Costco so I wouldn’t have to bake…I already had a HUGE kitchen project going on.  (I’ll share that soon.)
Just look at those eyes…what a day she had!! 
4 down…4 to go!
The Battle is the Lord’s,
Mrs. Taffy

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  1. That looks like a birthday she will never forget! What a wonderful memory.


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