Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What does love look like?


Love has a lot of faces and Valentine’s Day always gets me in the mood to share my love and show my love to the people around me.  In our house, the kids have come to accept that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for married people, after all, the history of St. Valentine’s has to do with keeping marriage lawful.  Still, it’s hard not to succumb to all the pink and heart and chocolate and diamond advertising everywhere.  And I do enjoy making them a delicious treat and flooding their ears with terms of endearment.

I’ve given up having expectation about Valentine’s Day.  There just isn’t really any point or the point is to express my love to others, not expect to receive love from others.  That being said, my husband has pretty much astounded me this year.  I’m mean, really astounded.  He read my blog post of about my longings and set to do something about it. What?  I’m still so surprised at his thoughtfulness and generosity.  I didn’t get a diamond or a trip to Hawaii, I didn’t get an elaborate date night with loads of pampering  and culinary indulgences.  I got a freezer full of meat.  Yup, you read that correctly.  Meat.

004              005

I took these pictures before he was actually done.

And while on the surface that might seem really bizarre, it’s so amazing that I fear I can’t express my gratitude enough. 


Not only did he plan out what to buy, he bought it, then repackaged it (with my input) in portions that would be helpful for our family.  He cooked, cut, washed, labeled, stacked, counted and prepared all this meat for me.  He saved me so much time, so much money from my normal weekly food budget.  He wrote a blog post about it here.  You can read it from his perspective, complete with charts and prices and what we packed up, specifically.  Amazing!


So now our family joke is that I don’t get diamonds for Valentine’s Day, I get a freezer full of meat.  Well, I already have all the diamonds I’ll ever need and a freezer full of meat satisfies my longing for simplicity.

I’ll be forever grateful. 

So for me, this Valentine’s Day, Love is Meat.

I shall eat of it daily.

The Battle is the Lord’s,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. "Love is Meat." That is so funny! I totally agree, though. I would LOVE to have a freezer full of meat for Valentine's Day. With 3 boys eating us out of house and home, it would be so handy to have all that meat packaged and ready to be made into meals. I'm thinking maybe I ought to suggest that to my husband for next year. Hmmm....or maybe for my birthday.

    Where can I go to read his post? I didn't see a link.

  2. Hi Lena! Thanks for pointing that the link disappeared!! I fixed it. But here it is also...

    Enjoy! :)

  3. I loved reading his post and yours! I think that's so sweet and such a wonderful gift! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. wow that's amazing if I did the math right from your husbands site and you only use one package of meat per meal that less than $4 of meat per meal and that's great! Last time I was craving meatloaf I ran to the store to pick up hamburger and it cost almost $9 so blew my personal challenge of trying to keep every meal $10 or less. -norma


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