Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When winter gets long…


This is the weather graphic is for my suburb.  Today the high is 9.  Yeah.  We are about halfway through this winter and sometimes at this point we start to get a little stir crazy.  See that sunshine there, well it looks warm and inviting outside, but it’s not really and the sunshine just makes us want to go out there all the more!  So what do we do?  How do we cope with the endless winter weather? 

We plan!


We get out all our seeds and take inventory!


              We get out our garden notebook and draw!


We get on the computer and visit the land of the living, living things that is.  Seeds. Plants.  What can we grow?  What can we plant?  Show me some GREEEN!


We figure out where everything goes.  What can we plant here, how about here?  We use post-it-notes so we can change our mind.


We ordered organic seeds and 10 (yeah 10, my husband doesn’t do anything small) elderberry bushes.  Still not sure where all those are going to go, but who cares!  They are coming!  My husband also bought worms of all things, and they are happily munching away in a container on the counter in the kitchen.  That right there is love in action.

Here’s my garden pin board if you want to see some more inspiration:

We want to try the potato towers and the sunflower fort, do you think the neighbors would mind if we put the sunflower fort in the front yard?  Our backyard is pretty full!  ha!  An outside chalkboard for the kids and gutter gardens on my little deck to keep the spinach safe from the bunnies.  So much inspiration! 

I wonder how many other people have spent a long winter’s Saturday planning for the time when the earth warms up and the worms wake up and life springs forth!  Probably more than we can imagine!

The Battle is the Lord’s,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh, man, what a winter! I love the idea of using post its for the garden planning. Are you going to start an indoor worm bin? We did that once, neat. So what do you do with the elderberries? Herbal remedies or food?

    1. I think the goal is to get the worms outside but Mr. Taffy did say something about them living in the basement...hmmm...we'll see. :)

      The Elderberries are for eating and making tea and hopefully for my own version of Berry Well. We already have the raw honey!

      Nice to hear from you Briana!!


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