Monday, July 15, 2013

Having a little one in the School Room

You would think after all these years that I’ve been homeschooling I would know all the tricks to getting little ones to behave  during school time.  Well I don’t.  (smile)


My last little one, Laffy Taffy, was an easy going child, he was happy to play by himself, close to us, but happily occupied with this toys.  I really enjoyed doing Tot School with him because for about 30 minutes everyday he would attentively and happily learn what ever I was teaching him and then be content to play until the rest of us were done.

Enter Marshmallow Taffy.  She is loud.  She is MOODY.  She is NOT content to play by herself and 30 minutes of my individualized time is NOT enough.  I’m not really sure how our next year will go with her in the school room.  She doesn’t understand that if Mama is talking (reading out loud) that she should be quiet, instead, hearing my voice makes her want to say, “mom. MOM! Mommy! Mom!!!! MOOOOOOOOMMY!”  Louder and louder, with more and more drama and energy.  You would think the poor thing is completely neglected.  That’s so far from the truth…but still, it does pose a problem.


So this is what I’m praying through.  Praying for wisdom in how to deal with her.  How to actually teach her to be quiet, or at least quieter during school time.  I can’t do all of school during nap time.  I would love to hear how you deal with difficult children during school time.  There might be nothing I can do…I might just have to  grin and bear it until she’s older and understands more.  I’m not sure.  It does teach all the other children patience.  It teaches us all how to be gracious and it also allows more of my ugly impatientness  to be dealt with.  Many little eyes watching Mama, what will she do?  How will she respond?

The Battle is the Lord’s,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Ha, ha! I feel your pain! I can't give you any advice because every child is different. But my last one was very much like this. Actually, he was a bit mischievous and ENJOYED getting a rise out of the others by bugging them to death while they tried to do their schoolwork. (Still does.) I did about what you are doing - tried to occupy him with his own activities, tried to spend one on one time with him, moved the entire Thomas Train table into the school room for a while. He just finished 2nd grade and is finally sitting down to work out of a workbook - but it's a fight after about 45 minutes every day. Hands-on and being involved are the keys for him. If someone else finishes their work early, I would have them read to him or do a project with him while I worked with a third child. He likes to "help" his high school brother with science experiments, and he likes lapbooks (tot books when he was younger). Good luck and lots of prayers!!! :-)

  2. My last little one was a handful. We had a daily snack time for him during school that bought us a few minutes of quiet. I also had to assign a child to go and play with him for 30 minutes at a time. He would have two or three sessions of play time with older siblings. In between play times he'd get some snuggle time with me. That gave me time to work with other children one on one. I could usually read aloud with him on my lap while he played with his own book or toy.

  3. Hmm. How would she do with a chair and assignment at the 'big' kid table? I understand the ever child is different thing! Man Explorer is so much harder to keep entertained then Mini Cooper was. Of course, Mini Cooper is also harder to keep entertained then she used to be. They keep us hoping don't they? Praying you find some answers!


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