Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer’s Close


Summer is wrapping up for us and with the end of summer came the end of our summer reading challenge.  I wasn’t as organized as I usually am about this year’s reading challenge.  I think I was being a little lazy actually and the library changed their program into something ridiculous so that sort of took the wind out my sails too. Thankfully I managed to think of something and it worked to get my kids reading this summer.  I bought them Sonlight’s summer readers.   Strawberry and Chocolate shared a pack, Bubble Gum and Blue-Raspberry got their own.  It worked out really well.  Sonlight packaged them up so nice, it was like they each got a present!

Anyway, the challenge was to get the books read before the end of July and in return I would take them to Nelson’s and buy them an ice-cream cone!  They all finished the challenge earlier then the date I set, so off we went! 

019         020

It was a magnificent day!  Warm, bright, not muggy!

022          023

I was a good girl, I didn’t have any ice-cream.  I was too busy wiping up spills and dolling out the wet wipes!  028


Afterward, we decided to surprise the little people by taking them to the most adorable park ever created:  Teddy Bear Park.


I love it that my teens will still be in family photos, and go to the park with us.  lol

035    040



Isn’t that cool?  The whole park is like a squishy Astroturf, it’s really fun to walk on.


We ended our adventure at the Stillwater Farmer’s Market, which was quaint and delightful.  My husband spoke my love language and paid the big bucks for a gallon of pure maple syrup!  I am one blessed woman!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. We didn't do our library's reading challenge this summer, either. All the libraries in the UK had a creepy haunted house theme, so I'm coming up with something different. That Teddy Bear Park does look really cute!

    1. Haunted house? YUCK! Here's hoping next year is better for the both of our library's!! :)

  2. Awe, I wish we had a Teddy Bear Park. Maybe I should try to create my own at home, lol.


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