Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Keeping my Treasures Warm


So every summer I go garage saling.  Every summer I find warm beautiful winter jackets.  Every summer I try to prepare for the coming winter and every summer, I get too many jackets!  I was over at a friend’s house who was going through clothing, she has a mega-sized family so it was a lot of clothes and I found a really nice jacket in her stuff for Bubble Gum and came home and realized she needed it but that Laffy Taffy had 3 jackets.  He doesn’t need that many.


And so the sorting began.  I started by going through  the house:  garage, front coat closet, back hallway, laundry room closet and totes and found all the coats or jackets that had been left out since early spring when it was still cold or stored away for the future.

Then I started hanging up jackets in birth order starting with me and working my way down to Marshmallow.  That hot pink coat near the wall is my winter jacket.  Next comes Chocolate, he has a winter coat, a fall/spring coat, a jean jacket, a leather coat and a pair of snow pants.  He’s set.  Everything in his size that I don’t need is going out of my house.  Next is Strawberry.  She has a winter coat, jean jacket, spring/fall jacket and snow pants.  She’s on the look out for a trench coat from a thrift store. Everything else in her size is leaving my house too.  And down it goes. 


To deal with the left over stuff, it went in one of four places.  Either here (my laundry room closet), these are coats that are VERY nice and someone will be able to wear in the next couple years, like Adrielle or Jonathan.  Or they went in the basket you can see with doll chairs sticking out, I’m taking those to Once Upon a Child because I don’t have friends with baby girls. 


Or into a bag for donating.


Or in this pile to take to the beach for my friends to dig through.  There are many coats in here, including nice coats that were mine but are too big now.  It’s so fun to be able to share our blessings with people!  I love seeing all the coats and jackets and snow pants lined up, knowing that my family will be warm this winter.  And now I don’t have to look for coats at garage sales anymore this summer!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I love how practical you are. I think I'll go through coats too. We have way too many and they take up too much space. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I just did this very thing over the summer! We've got 6 kids (4 boys, 2 girls, in that order) & we had So. Many. Clothes. We would like to do foster care in the future so I saved only my very favorite outfits of clothes outgrown, and only a reasonable, usable amount of clothes still to fit into. It felt GREAT! We sold some of it (to help pay for clothes that we DO need ;)), passed along some to others in need, and donated the rest. Now my clothes storage area isn't overrun with stuff anymore! Yay! Enjoy your new, tidier, less stressful area!


  3. I love,love,love yard sales! It's the thrill of the hunt for me. My daughter and I both find great clothes and knick knacks. My husband isn't too fond of me bringing home more stuff, but I assure him of the great deals I found and how I saved him money. LOL

    I also want to invite you to link-up with the Let's Homeschool High School September Blog Hop. The theme this month just happens to be "Back to School"!


    Best wishes this year.

    Let's Homeschool High School Team Member

  4. I missed this post!! We just did this at our house with the first snap of cold. I was thankful to find I had coats and snow pants for all. Such a blessing to know God is providing even when we are out trying to get a good deal :).

  5. Too funny! I do this at the end of each season, make a list of what we need, can't find the list, and then buy things we do not need. Somehow each son has three coats! Luckily most given to us. Still short a pair of snow pants and had our second snow today! back to the store! haha


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