Meet the Taffy Flavors

Marshmallow Taffy-2 Years Old
Our little princess, she's our 7th baby, born on the 7th of April.  She's a busy little thing, tall and skinny, very verbal, too independent and extremely affectionate.  She's a terrific hand-holder, loves broccoli and honey-nut Joe O's (with milk of course).  She's such a blessing to our entire family!

Laffy Taffy- 5 Years Old

Marshmallow Taffy is our 6th and most easy-going, fun-loving child.  He's a champ at making sound effects and riding his bike, he's really getting into listening to CD's like Adventure's in Odyssey and Lamp Lighter Theater.  He'll be starting first grade this year, at home of course, and I'm excited to see him learn to read this year.

Bubble Gum Taffy-8 Years Old          

Bubble Gum Taffy is the glitter in our family.  She twinkles and shines everywhere she goes.  She loves everybody deeply and without shame.  She IS your best friend!  She loves all the things that most 8 year old girls love but she is also terrific at trying new foods and is the best bug smasher you'll ever meet!
"I want to be a farmer when I grow up.  I like ice-cream!  My favorite food is lasagna, my second favorite is barley beef soup.  My favorite animal is horses.  My best friend is Aile and my penpal is Ava.  I like to color and I have an easel and I LOVE to paint.  I love my mom's homemade cookies and I would like to ride a horse and I love to pet and kiss horses too."

Blue-Raspberry Taffy-10 Years Old

"I want to be a dentist when I grow up and I want to have a big gigantic aquarium in my house.  I've always wanted to play on a soccer team.  My favorite animals are dolphins. I always wanted to make a snow plow that can suck snow into a tube and then make it into salt so you can pour it on the road in the winter.  I LOVE enchiladas!  And I LOVE apples, anything with apples is my favorite!  I love summer too.  My best friend is Cameron."

Strawberry Taffy-15 Years Old

"I'm fifteen years old. I love re-reading Kingdom's Dawn and the Knights of Arrethtrae Series. I love to write, someday I hope to be a published author. Music is a big part of my life. I just can't "do" silence sometimes. :) I want Jesus to be my only desire. I want to be the background. I'm far from that. But someday, I hope for my self-obsession to utterly disappear."

Chocolate Taffy-17 Years Old

                Chocolate Taffy graduated from The Taffy Academy this year.  He's planning on going to an engineering school in either Nebraska or Texas (I'm voting for Texas) in 2014.  He wants to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a special focus on building space craft.  His ultimate goal is to go to Mars someday.  While he's home this year, he'll be working and saving money, taking some classes locally and perfecting his SAT score to get the best chance at a scholarship! This child lives a life of conviction and wholeheartedly loves his Lord and honors his parents.  We are very proud of him!

Banana Taffy-18 Years Old

Also graduated from The Taffy Academy this year, Banana Taffy has "flown the coop" as they say.  He's pursuing his own interests and dreams at this time.  We love our son so much and know that God has a beautiful plan for his life. We cover him in prayer daily and ask God to watch over him while he's off discovering who God is and what this thing called life is all about.  We never intended for Banana to move out before college or after for that matter, but some kids need the independence and need to learn things a different way than their parents can teach them.  Micah 6:8


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  1. Look at all the beautiful Taffy's - I love them all so much and wish I could give them all a hug! Love Marshmellow's little dress...tee-hee!!


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