A Day on the Taffy Pull

This is another topic I often get asked about, so I thought having a specific page here would be helpful.  Our schedule/routine is a living organism that often changes throughout the year, but the guts of it is always the same, always has been. 

5:00am-This is when I usually get up, sometimes it's 5:30.  I let the Lord wake me up, I don't use an alarm clock.  :o) This is my time to get ready for the day:  Shower/dress/read my Bible/drink coffee/Email/write down anything in my brain that I don't want to forget.  I find if I don't have this time in the morning-all alone-I'm a grump!
6:00am-I start making breakfast.
6:15am-Banana Taffy gets up and showers and soon after all the other Taffy's wake up.  Everyone has to be dressed before breakfast.
6:30am-Chocolate Taffy up and in the shower.
6:45am-breakfast-following breakfast everybody makes their beds and possibly does their morning chores if there is time.
8:30am-Finish Chores and Start school
9:00am-11:00am- Preschool, 2nd grade, 3rd Grade (I'm usually switching laundry during this time as well)
11:30am-Make Lunch/eat lunch
12:30am-afternoon chores and free time
1:00pm-quiet time/nap time for the younger three/ back to school for the older three
2:00pm-Usually everybody is done with school by now and they are doing their own thing
3:00pm-nap time and quiet time are over.  Snack time and computer time.
3:30pm-Finishing computer time, maybe a little PBS, free play
4:30pm-start getting ready for dinner.
6:30pm-done with dinner and clean up, evening chores, baths for little people
7:00pm-Bed time stories
7:30pm-bed time for little people, then I usually blog or watch TV or sew or spend time with hubby
9:00pm-lights out for other people
10:00pm-lights out for me!  Phew! 

Tuesday I wash towels.  Wednesday we change sheets. Thursday I make my menu and shopping lists.  Friday I shop and correct papers.  I do laudry EVERY DAY, except Sunday.  Floors get washed on Monday.  Bathrooms get cleaned twice a week.  The dishwasher gets run twice a day.

"She looketh well to the ways of her household..."


  1. Thank you for your dedicated writing and commitment to God's Word! What a blessing and encouragement to my heart! I love to read encouraging writing. How precious that God would bring us together at the YMCA - I feel that it has been a stream of refreshment for me in a desert season.

  2. This is great! Can you share where vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, etc fits into your routine? I have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old and can't seem to figure out when to fit it all in.

  3. Anonymous~I'm trying to remember back when I had only little ones...I had 3 under 3 for a while there, I KNOW it was busy! I also know I've always liked a clean house so I'm sure I must have cleaned! :o) I think I probably cleaned during either nap time or in the evening. I've always given my kids an early bedtimes so that I can have time in the evening to unwind and get other things finished. Make it your goal to have the two chilren napping at the same time during some point in the day. Then just take a half hour of that time (because you still need to rest too) and clean something. Each day of the week focusing on a different area: Monday-Dusting the house, Tuesday-clean the bathroom, Wednesday-clean out the fridge, etc. I've always been a vacuum FREAK so I never had to schedule that in there...I just did it because if I didn't I would go bonkers! lol The bathroom is still the hardest thing to get cleaned I think, it's time consuming. Soon enough you'll be able to hand the swiffer to the 2 year old and let him dust the low places! all the while teaching them that cleaning is fun, then you'll have great helpers as long as they are at home! Blessings to you!

  4. Mrs Taffy,
    How do you get your children to do their chores with a joyful attitude and not fight you on them? I have 4 boys, ages 12,11,8 and 5. My oldest is a great help, but getting the other 3 to do any type of chore is like pulling teeth. Also, do you allow your younger children to have toys in their bedroom, and if so, what kind do they have?

  5. Footballmomnm~Thanks for asking! I did a post to address your question. Here's the link-http://mylifeonataffypull.blogspot.com/2011/12/getting-kids-to-do-their-chores.html

    I hope that helps! I'll answer your other question in another post okay? Blessings!


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