Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Homeschool Blog Awards


Well, well, well…my sweet friend Dory over at Plants and Pillars Raised with Care has nominated me for a Homeschool Blog Award.  She told me about it long ago, but I sort of forgot about it until someone else mentioned something. 

I don’t even really know much about the Blog Awards but it’s still really fun to be included with all those SUPER-BIG, SUPER-FANCY , SUPER-AMAZING blogs. She nominated me for the category called “Best Homeschool Mom” Blog (which I don’t feel I am…but it’s still fun to play along!  lol)  Here’s the link:

The other blog I contribute too is Totally Tots and it’s been nominated under the Best Family or Group Blog category.  I really DO think that blog desires an award, so if you want you can vote for that one too!  SmileHere’s the link:

Blessings on a wonderful day and fulfilling blogging life!


Mrs.  Taffy


  1. That's nice and you do too deserve it! You are the most fabulous homeschool mom ever! I voted. How many times can you vote I wonder...

  2. I have to agree with your so deserve the vote and I bet if you asked all your students they would agree...and the two who are out and working in the world...I bet their bosses would agree that you are the best as they have proven they are made of grit and are good employees...didn't learn that outside of the home - only inside under great care!


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