Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Congratulations Banana & Chocolate


I just received word today that my sons got accepted into the PSEO program through a local Christian College.  I’m so excited!


Banana Taffy-5 years old

I’ve explained before that PSEO stands for Post Secondary Education Option.  This program, funded by the state, allows for high school junior and seniors to take college classes that count for both college and high school at the same time and they are paid for by the state.  I’m particularly excited because the school they get to take the classes through is a sound, Spirit-filled college.  While the state won’t pay for “Christian” classes, the teachers and administrators are all Believers which makes me so happy!


Chocolate Taffy-4 Years Old

Another interesting twist is that they are doing this PSEO through a home school group that hosts the classes.  They will be going to this group once a week and then completing their lessons and work at home.  I’m excited for them to make friends with other homeschoolers who will also be doing PSEO.  In a couple years they will likely graduate with these kids.

MomKidsMe and my boys…sniff sniff…

We had a few different applications to fill out, they had to turn in their PLAN (ACT) test scores, I had to make them transcripts and we had to get our good friend to write them a character reference.  Phew!  Nerve racking!  We didn’t expect to hear back so quickly, but so glad we did.

They will have an orientation sometime this summer and we’ll be picking out their classes.  I’ll tell you what they are going to take as soon as we know!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. So Great! I'm proud of all three of you! Homeschool does begin to lose its luster when kids get into high school. I think this will be a great transition for them. W really enjoyed choosing his own classes. They look so cute in those pictures - was that really only ten years ago?


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