Friday, September 23, 2011

Aletheia Writing Magazine~Review


As a member of the Old Schoolhouse Crew I’ve been able to review a interesting writing magazine, written for and by teens.  Aletheia is a quarterly magazine that showcases the writings of Christian teens between the ages of 13-19. 

We are excited to offer Christian teens a healthy platform in which to express themselves, especially in a culture that so definitively shapes and saturates their worldview with unhealthy imagery and values.” From the Publisher

The word Aletheia is Greek and means truth or unveiling.


I have a daughter who very much LOVES to read AND write!  I would consider her to be a budding authoress.  You can see that the magazine completely absorbed her attention.


The magazine also includes photography and art, poetry and interviews with people in relating fields .  Aletheia is printed in full color on 40 pages nice thick paper. 


While I feel the magazine is very professionally done and a great opportunity for other budding authors, I can’t wholeheartedly endorse it.  I am both sensitive and literal, therefore, fantasy and allegory don’t sit well with me, even under the promise of Christian beliefs or values.   This magazine, in my opinion, definitely has a bent and flavor towards this genre. Not all the writings, mind you.  Remember I mentioned being sensitive?  Smile I am well aware that my feelings on this are in the minority, but I still think it bears mentioning.  You can visit the Aletheia website to see how they decide on what will be included in their magazine and if this magazine will be a good fit for your teens to read or contribute to.  And, if you would like to read a back issue, click here.


A one year subscription, 4 issues, of Aletheia will cost you $26.00 (shipping and handling included).  You can subscribe here.  If you would like to see what other Crew Members thought, visit the crew blog!  Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Taffy


Disclaimer-I was given 1 issue of this magazine for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own, I was not paid.


  1. We liked this magazine in general but agree with you, there are some things that didn't 'set well' will us. I was very glad that we had the other issues to peruse because it gave a broad range of genres to read. I loved the photographs and just now realized I forgot to mention that in my review!
    Very good review, by the way :)

  2. I don't think you are necessarily in the minority. I felt the same way, and many of the other moms did too. I have been reading the reviews of this one, and I think it is at least half so far that are in agreement with you.
    It is always best to say how YOU feel. I know, I feel the same way. I hate to say something negative because I know many others like something. That is how it was with Time 4 Learning. There was a LOT that I didn't like, but I know many others do.

    Anyway, I am always glad when someone speaks the truth. I appreciate it.


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