Saturday, June 23, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 11

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Seriously?  11 weeks already?  I keep telling my kids that the summer is going to be over before they know it, I think this PROVES it!  Wow!

Anyway… many, many garage sales in my town this week!  It was loads of fun!  Banana Taffy drove me around, I brought Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Laffy Taffy and Marshmallow along, the other two stayed home and did yard work and Math.  To each his own.  lol


One of my biggest fun finds!  These cups were .40 each.  Such strange pricing at this garage sale, but the cups are so fun and I’m drinking coffee out of one of them while I’m typing this post!!


Lots of little goodies:  Melissa and Doug Ring Toss game-$3.00, Haba Lacing Toy-$1.00 (saving for a gift), Sofie-.50 (Marshmallow already has one but the squeeker stopped working, sad day as my house when Sofie isn’t her normal happy self!)  Toy Story Reader-.50 and the Barney movies were a quarter each.  Seriously, we have an issue with buying the old Barney Movies.  Don’t tell anyone!


Clothes for Marshmallow:  Pajamas-.50, Hanna Dress-2.00, Old Navy Dress-1.00, denim dress-1.00. I see a theme.


New flip flops for Bubble Gum-.50.


Clothes for Blue-Raspberry.  Two swim shirts-.75 each, short-.25, pajama pants-.50, athletic pants-.50 and dressy black pants-.75.


I actually found two of those doll stands, they were .10 each.  A new purse-1.00, that giant clippy thing $1.50 (I’m saving it for Mr. Taffy’s stocking), ribbons-.25 each, cupcake color game-$1.00 and a big bag of teacher stamps for 1.00.


Plant stand.  $1.00.



And finally a little baby buggy for .50!  It was filthy which is I think is why it was so cheap, it cleaned up beautifully!  Marshmallow LOVES it.  A couple things that didn’t get pictured…a Home Depot Weed Whacker-TOY.  It’s so cute and Laffy Taffy ran off with it to do some yard work so I didn’t get a picture of it, it’s was .50.  And the big prize of the day, but one that I didn’t purchase, was an Emily American Girl Doll (Molly’s best friend) for $20.00.  Bubble Gum spent all her money on that.  She’s been saving her money since Christmas and her birthday, her saving paid off!  She’s a pretty happy girl!

How did you do?  Did you find any treasures?  Please share your finds with us by linking up below!  If you’ve never joined us before, please read this post first!

Let the bragging begin!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I can't believe you found a Sophie for .50!!! The old one should have a warranty! maybe you should contact the manufacturer. LOVE that Bubble Gum found an AG! what a productive shopping day!

  2. I was going to say the same exact thing as Judith above!! I cannot believe you found a Sophie for $0.50!!! I had to have my MIL buy one for Hayleigh for Christmas because I couldn't stomach paying retail for one. Such a great find for you! And yes, what an amazing find for Bubble Gum!! I bet she is a happy little girl right now! :)

    The old Barney VHS remind me of my little sister who went through the craze. I know every single song by heart. And now my girls love watching Barney!

    We found the same exact ice cream set a couple weeks ago in a huge play food lot, but only with four ice cream scoops. Such a neat set!

    Great finds, Mrs. Taffy!!

  3. What a great week for you! What a great price for an AG doll! And what a sweet little buggy. Looks like it's already getting good use. Love the ring toss game as well.

    I only went out on Thurs. this week and although I LOVE what I found I only spent $6.50. lol I will mush it together with this coming weeks stuff.

  4. Wow! Such a great amount of treasure! Love that sweet little buggy...and that sweet happy face!

    Hugs to all the Taffy's! we were going grocery shopping my oldest son said, "Oh, wow look at all the garage glad "Banana" is not here as we'd have to stop at everyone of them because he LOVES garage sales"...funny! We didn't stop at one...My daughter and I are the only garage sale fanatics in our house...smirk!

    1. Banana Taffy didn't always like garage sales. Not until he started realizing that there was stuff there that HE like-CHEAP! He's been buying brand new model car kits for .25. Last summer he got himself some clothes-work out clothes and they are his favorite things to wear now. I think you should have stopped, who knows what your son would have found, maybe a bug identification book or a video game! :)

  5. These are indeed lovely items! A lot of yard sale enthusiasts are surely awed with these wonderful stuff that you got. Thanks for sharing your great yard sale experience.


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