Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures~Week 12

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Summer has hit with all of it’s warmth and pollen.  Summer isn’t really my favorite season, I know to most people summer is THE best, but I prefer the cooler temperatures of fall, the mosquito-less days and humid-less nights.   So it was HOT on the day we went garage saling and I didn’t have too much time to be out because I had lots of responsibilities to attend to in the kitchen/cooking department.  I’m happy with my finds though!


Both of the those Leap Frog Magnet sets were a dollar.  I already have them but since they were so cheap I bought them for my nephew.  My mom will probably keep that her house, she baby-sits him often.  The Lake Shore Learning Counting Cakes was $4.00.  There were so many awesome sets like this one that garage sale, I just didn’t want to pay that much!  They had a Lake Shore Learning Kitchen set, AMAZING, it was like $80 though.  Somebody will be happy.  The CARS sheet set was $2.00.  And the book $1.00.  All these things came from different sales.


2 Toy Story shirts-.25 (For Laffy Taffy for pajamas.)  The little sweat pants are for my nephew .25 and the Keens are for Marshmallow for next year~$1.00.


Some more tops for me.  Remember I’m rebuilding my wardrobe after dropping 45+ pounds!  From left to right:  .75, $1.00 & .25. (All size large)


Also for me from left to right:  Denim shorts~.50, denim capri overalls (LOVE)~$2.00, Plaid capris~.50, khaki shorts~.50. (size large or 12)


Two fall shirts for Chocolate Taffy.  $1.00 each.

I almost forgot to mention…I actually went thrift store shopping on Monday too.  Banana Taffy needed some stuff, we didn’t find anything for him, but I found some things for other people.  It was half-price day at both places I went, so if you see a tag, it was 1/2 of that.


Two pair of Khaki pants for Chocolate Taffy.  He got a job working at Target (discounts for Momma!), so he needed some pants.  $2.50 each and they are both GAP.


Shoes for me.  Suede leather boots~$1.49, flip flops with charms~$2.50.  CUTE!



For me, left to right or front to back depending on your perspective:  Fancy shirt (new) $7.50, black Talbots shirt~$2.00, white shirt~$2.00, lavender t.shirt~$2.00, Floral Laura Ashley Top~$2.50 (LOVE), pink Land’s End shirt~$1.50 and Brand New white Skirt $7.50.


For Bubble Gum:  Land’s End pajamas~$1.50, under shirt~.50, white tights~.50.


For Laffy Taffy:  His friend gave him a suit, which he has been begging me to wear but he didn’t have all the pieces, well now he does!  Shoes~$2.00, socks~.50, shirt~$2.00.


And finally…for Banana Taffy, but he actually bought it with his own money, a 1989 Thunderbird for $1500.  Having a child with his own vehicle is a blessing and a little bit scary!

How did you do?  Did you find any treasures?  Please share your finds with us by linking up below!  If you’ve never joined us before, please read this post first!

Let the bragging begin!




  1. Your wardrobe is growing beautifully! Love the boots!

  2. Wow, I need to shop with you!
    Love the new pictures of your family!!!

  3. W-H-A-T?!?!?! You didn't tell me that Banana bought a car...and a fancy one at that! Wow! How exciting for him (and nerve-wracking for you...sorry)! :)

    Great finds, I am glad you are finding clothes you like for cheap, and how exciting for you to be buying clothes in smaller sizes now. Good job and congratulations...loosing weight is very hard to do and I am really happy for you! :)

    Much Love,
    It's a Lacy Life


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