Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week in Review

Last weekend I wrote up a bunch of posts ahead of time and I find that I have some real life/current stuff to share! So this will be a rather Hodge Podge post, but sometimes those are the most interesting! :)

On the homeschool front--we are chugging along. We’ve been going strong since the beginning of August and I’m starting to look forward to our Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. I don’t think I’m burned-out or anything, just looking for a little adventure. :)

Bubble Gum Taffy is moving right along in her reading book. We have passed the halfway point: Build-a-Bear Workshop here we come!


My bowlers all got their league shirts this week. They are still loving bowling and now that Blue-Raspberry’s mid-day swimming lessons are over, I can go and watch my bowlers do their thing!

006We’ve had quite the exciting weather this week. Hurricane force winds, even a little snow! (Much to the delight of my children!) So what did I do? I ran up to Costco and bought hot chocolate and whip cream, of course!

002 007

First cup of cocoa of the season! Many, many more to follow! (Those are candy canes I saved from last year.)

Session 1 of swimming lessons are completed, Blue-Raspberry graduated to Minnow, Bubble Gum is taking Polliwog again (third time-she’d much rather socialize than swim!) I was able to sign them up for the same evening this time so that’s a blessing! The next session starts right up on November 3rd. Then we’ll get a nice break for Christmas and New Year’s. (Time for an adventure?)


See how big our dog is getting? Honestly, it’s just like having another person in the house, she stands right in the middle of the kitchen just like the rest of them! :)

We’ve been enjoying the warmth of our woodstove this week. I’m so thankful to have sons who know how to load it and light it! I am NOT gifted in that area, and ALWAYS put the fire out when I try to mess with it!

I signed Banana Taffy up for Driver’s Ed this week. My oh my…He’ll be 16 in March. WHAT?! Okay, I have to stop thinking about that…I just wanted to share that he is paying for his driver’s ed with his own hard-earned money. This is something he’s decided to do on his own, but there is such value in it and he will appreciate it so much more because of it! He’s saving up for a truck too. And, something we are requiring, he will be paying for his own insurance once he is licensed. It’s going to be so great to have another driver, especially once the baby is born!

What I’m going to share next is really disgusting, but I want to be real here, so I’m going to share it. I hope it doesn’t change your opinion of me in the process.

Over the past couple months we have heard chewing in the walls and then from time to time we would wake up to the most horrific smell that even the best candle and streams of fresh air couldn’t get rid of—dead rodent. GAG! Then I found some little droppings in my kitchen and one of the little beasties chewed into a BRAND NEW bag of M & M’s.



So we bought a bunch of traps and strategically set them in the bathroom and under the kitchen sink. We bought both snap traps (death on contact) and clap traps (captures the creature alive). I don’t think I can actually reveal how many we’ve caught, it’s just so disgusting! We started trapping them on Sunday night and we’ve been consistently getting them once, sometime’s twice a day… How can there be that many in the walls? When the cats get a little older I’ll let them stay out at night and do the job themselves, but until then, we’ll keep putting some peanut butter on the traps and I’ll keep making treats for Chocolate Taffy who has been crowned “mouse-whisper.” He has to set and clear the traps. Yesterday I made him a jar of home-made chocolate syrup to put in his coffee and on his ice-cream, it was the least that I could do!


With the cold weather that has floated in to Minnesota, my mind has turned toward the Holidays. I have so many ideas in my head and so many plans. It’s easy to make the Holidays special for the little ones, but I want to make good memories for my older ones too. I’m very aware that I only have a few more years of being in “total control” of what they do during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Soon they will have their own families to plan with, and while I can hope that some of those plans include us, I’m not going to insist on it, like I can now!

I’m off to make my menu and shopping list! Have a wonderful day wherever you are and in whatever you are doing!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Driver's Ed? AAack. Yep, it's not far ahead for us either! We also had our first cups of hot cocoa yesterday - and my son commented on not having whipped cream. Spoiled boys. :) We too took a picture of our dog being bored during school - we have similar colored pups. When I post about our geography today I'll add it in. Did I ever come back and tell you that we did the cheeseburger balls? Our family gave them an 8 thumbs up. :) (two for each of us). I would have never used Tomato Soup as a sauce. We have 4-5 cans that have been in the cupboard for a while. We used our standard white bread recipe since I knew what it would do. Yum. O. Topped it with shredded lettuce, tomato, and a mayo/mustard sauce. Eight Thumbs Up. :)

  2. Ahhh...thanks Pebble Keeper! I'm so glad you guys liked the rolls! Can't wait to see a picture of your doggy! :)

  3. Could you send some of that cold weather our way? It hit 85 or more yesterday. Ugh. I thought I had H1 mow the lawn for the last time this year, and that was a week ago, but he may have to again if this keeps up. I long for cold weather and hot cocoa! Course, then we need to go get wood for our fireplace. We try to heat with the main fireplace for most of the day, and then turn on space heaters in our room and H3's room at night. We don't have a truck yet--are saving up for one too--so we've had to either borrow or have wood delivered to our house, either way is still cheaper than the electric bill we get with turning on the main heating system!
    I'm hoping to start H3 with gymnastics when she turns 3 next fall. Her swimming is only being done during the summer right now, since the closest indoor pool is 35 minutes away! Maybe next year I'll think about making that drive....
    Looks like everyone is having so much fun! I love seeing all your pictures. :o)

  4. We have hot chocolate on our first snow day too. I don't think we'll get snow for awhile though! Good thing you bought those kittens. They should clear that problem right up for you! I hate finding those things in our house, yuck!


    Rookie says that Geography and Apple Cider make her sleepy. :)

  6. I know I can't believe my oldest is 16 already. Some friends saw him the other day and they were shocked...I said "he's a MAN now".. Ha ha!

    Mice....ewwww....I really, really don't like them. I remember having some mice in the house before we had cats that is and I swear I refused to wake up early in the morning because I could hear them. Ewww... Good thing for traps!

    Yay...the crisp feeling of fall makes me happy too! Puts me in the holiday mood. :) OH and the baking mood too... ha ha!

    Hoping your pregnancy is going well. I haven't had to much time to blog or visit but come here when I can.

    Sending my love,

    Chris xoxo


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