Friday, October 29, 2010

The Old Schoolhouse Primary Planner-Review


I love this little planner! Okay, well maybe it’s not so little…packed with 203 pages, loaded with Calendars, Must Know Lists, Homeschool Forms, Organizational Forms and Articles.

At first I didn’t think the Primary Planner would be of much use, my kindergartener can’t read well enough to use a planner anyway and my 2nd grader is only minimally independent. But after looking it over, I’ve changed my mind. My favorite part of the planner is the fact that there are 36 individual planning weeks with the interactive feature so I can fill out assignments on my computer and save to print out for a hard copy or file or to use immediately. I’m all for my 2nd grader learning to be more independent and if it’s written down in a easy format for him to read, he’ll do great!

Here’s some other things the Primary Student Planner can do for you:

  • To-do lists (today, tomorrow, next week . . .)
  • Audio/Visual log
  • Log sheet
  • Marking period planners
  • Wish list (stuff to buy later)
  • Science lab sheets (use to gather all the supplies and record the experiment too)
  • General book reports
  • Early elementary book reports (with room for pictures!)
  • Chore charts (includes tasks and pictures for primary and secondary grades)
  • Loaned and borrowed lists (no more lost books, CDs, DVDs . . .)
  • Important phone numbers and contacts (never forget a phone number again)
  • Address book (from A–Z)
  • Family tree
  • Community service record (college and scholarship applications may require this information)
  • Dates to remember (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, important events)
  • Website login/password reference (handy!)

As my husband would say, “all that and a bag of chips!”

The price can’t be beat at $9.95. The Old Schoolhouse store has some neat bundles too, for a discount you can get this planner combined with another, say the middle school or high school planner.

I already own the REALLY BIG planner, but I really like this smaller version to use with the “youngers” and to keep track of all that they are doing! To read some more about this nifty little planner and to see sample pages click here.


Mrs. Taffy

Disclosure: This planner was given to me for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are mine and I wasn’t paid! :o)

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