Friday, October 15, 2010

William Tyndale Unit Study-Review

imageSoli Deo Gloria Resources provides unit study curricula, Bible studies and teacher resources for homeschooling families.


“William Tyndale is known by many titles - God's Smuggler, God's Outlaw, Father of the English Reformation, and more. His short life had a mighty impact on his world, and still greatly impacts and benefits us today. He translated the Bible into the English language, though that activity was strictly forbidden in his day. To do so, he had to leave his home and country and was eventually burned at the stake as a martyr. His tenacity, perseverance, and vision put the Word of God into the hands of the common man, and sparked the fires of the Reformation in England. We owe him a great debt of gratitude.”

This is a lovely Unit Study brought to you by Soli Deo Gloria Resources. This unit study is meant to be all inclusive, meaning that for an entire week, or longer if needed, you focus all of your learning on this one topic. Honestly, this was impossible for me to do. I have my children on a pretty rigorous schedule, so while we didn’t get to use the study the recommended way, it was still worth while to read and glean from. This study covers: history, science, geography, character study, Bible, art and Language Arts. Continue with your own math curriculum or take a week off, the choice is yours! :) This unit study is designed to work with all ages from K-12.

Included in the unit study are daily lesson plans and a nice resource list. Most of the resources on the list were not available at my public library, so I wasn’t able to use them for this study. I think I could have found them through the Minnesota Link Program that allows me to borrow books from any library in the state had time allowed. Also included are relevant internet links and time line instructions.

The author of this unit study is very passionate about Bible Translation and she wrote it in a way that makes her passion very contagious. Reading through this study filled my heart with thankfulness!

This unit study sells in E-Book format for $8.00. Go to the Sol Deo Gloria website to see this and other great Unit Studies. And to see what other on Homeschool Crew thought about this unit visit the Old School Homeschool Crew Blog below!



Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed here are my own and I received no other compensation.


  1. Great review! I bet a lot of people are putting that on their list for "next year".


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