Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book Chopping

Maybe better known as Binding Removal…not sure. But I’m sure happy about it. I have been making copies from our super thick Grammar Book for months now and it’s driving me crazy! I’m wasting so much ink because I can’t get the book to lie flat therefore I’m getting black smudges all along the edges—too much ink!

Then I got a book to review for the Old Schoolhouse Crew and I’m having the same issue. I’ve never had a book chopped before, but I’ve purchased a few used book this way, so I decided to give it a try.


I went to Office Max and for $1.09 they cut off the binding, and for another $1.09 they drilled holes in the book. I only ended up paying for one book though, she messed up on one (she punched the holes on the wrong side of the pages in a portion of the Grammar book-but she fixed it and gave it to me for free!). So, for a little over 2 bucks I have two beautifully chopped books.

I put them in binders that I already had:


It’s going to be so much easier making copies now! I don’t know why I didn’t do it much sooner!


Mrs. Taffy

P.S. That Composer book is the object of the review I was speaking of at the beginning of this post. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you all!


  1. That's so funny! I'm having the exact same issues....with the exact same books! I will be heading to Office Max TONIGHT! Thank you!!!

  2. Oh, Thank you for sharing! I am having this exact problem! I had NO IDEA that someone could "chop" a book! And for a very affordable price! This makes sooo much sense! I could use my copiers' self feed too, if the book was not bound, and be doing other things instead of standing there holding the book! I have had to purchase so much more ink than I thought I would need too, partly due to this I'm sure (and just using the printer more). More productive, less frustrating, and saves ink! Thank You, Thank You!!

  3. Lori~You have the composer book? Are you using with all the girls? How do you like it?

  4. Cool! I've taken a book apart to make copies but I didn't know you could have it done. The hole punching is a great idea!

  5. Very cool and affordable!

    I am reviewing the composers book as well. I got it today and am so excited!!

  6. I may have to try the book chopping method. It certainly seems easy enough! I reviewed the Composer book last year and I'm using it this year with my boys (we only did a few composers last year). It is FANTASTIC! Enjoy!

  7. You could also get it re-bound with those wire spiral things at a place like Office max. I've done that before. Costs more though.

  8. Well, so like you to get more organized...good job! Gets me is my thought out of my tired brain...could a company, would a company, sell an unbound book for less? Hmmm something to ponder as we are all gathering books to be "chopped"...and off we go!


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