Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seasoned with Love

I’ve been slowly turning over the laundry duties to Strawberry Taffy.  In part because my husband is making me and in part because it will be so helpful when the baby is born and finally because it’s something she needs to be good at before she leaves my house.  This week I’ve been pretty hand’s off and have been letting her do all the switching and folding.


She’s been a little behind and the basket of clothes that I had to put away in my room was so huge that I had to get my 15 year old to carry it for me!  As I was putting away the clothes and being thankful that they were all washed and folded, I noticed something. There was just a little something missing.

 It was the Love.

So this morning I talked to Strawberry about it. I thanked her for being so diligent and folding the clothes and sorting them properly.  I told she was doing a great job, but I noticed a little something was missing.  The Love.  You should have seen her face!  She was like, “How in the world did you know that?”  And we talked about it and sure enough she admitted that she was doing the chore out of duty, not out of love.  And therein lies the little something that we all need to be reminded of.


Every act of service to your family is an act of Love.  It’s an act of Worship to the Lord.  When we do things begrudgingly and with resentfulness, we are sowing those feelings into what we are doing, thus reaping more of the same.  But when we sow love, when we sow joy, it shows and THOSE feelings are reaped! 


I can take some of the blame for her lack of Love, I will admit there are times when I DON’T take care of my responsibilities with love and I am sure she sees that!  But I was also reminded at how the Love shows through in each little act, or maybe it’s that it doesn’t show when it’s left out--that’s the real mystery.

My prayer is that I remember to sow love into my day, so my children and my husband know how much they are worth to me, how much I appreciate them and how loved they are by God!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. You know, I was just thinking about that this morning as I was taking out the trash--one of my not-so-favorite activities. Sunday mornings for the past 5 weeks have left me contemplative and quite, since either due to my issues or Shannan being sick, I haven't been at church. A couple years ago our pastor spoke on living a life of Worship, which included daily activities. He talked about worshiping God through different occupations, including being a mom--and how serving and worshiping the Lord is something as simple as folding laundry and making a meal for the family. That really touched me when I heard that. At the time, I needed that reminder, just like this morning when I read your post.

  2. OH how encouraging! It is so very true. Thanks for the reminder because I tend to "just do" the chore....just because I have to. You know?

    Also I need to get my girls to help me like this also. It seems that since moving into my in-laws they have all slacked around big time. SO guess who ends up doing basically everything?? Yep....ME!! Yes, the house is smaller than our old one and yes, I can get chores done quick, but I need to get the crew on board again. Thanks for this reminder also....not that you reminded me to have the children help per se but you know....This post has reminded me. Ha ha.

    Ha ha


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