Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tot School Week-14


We had a monumental week this week!  It helps knowing that I have a big break coming up, I’m trying to give it my all until I can stop.  Smile

002 (2)

We started the week going through the Christmas Story with our Beginner Bible Flannel Graphs. 

004 (2)

Over the weekend we went out for Chinese and our favorite waiter there made our little ones “training chopsticks.”  Well, I quickly stuffed Laffy Taffy’s into my purse to bring home for Tot School!


We used them to sort puffy balls.  They work like tongs, he had to squeeze them to make them grip.   

004            005

We also used them for these wood beads I have, to make patterns.  Don’t they look tasty?

017              018

We used our Zoobs to make patterns too.  This was a good small motor skill activity, he really had to push hard to make then attach to each other.

003 (4)              004 (4)

Playdoh!  He’s been begging me to play with playdoh!

006 (2)

Tons of Puzzles!

014 (2)

015 (2)


And some counting too!


One other cool thing to share…Laffy got some Christmas money this week so I got him this fun learning toy from Target.

003 (3)

They look like cupcakes, but really they are a neat shape matching puzzle.

002 (3)One more week until Christmas Break!  I’m going to TRY and keep Laffy Taffy out of the TotSchool stuff during our break so everything seems new again when we resume in January!

Happy TotSchooling!


Mrs. Taffy                     


  1. What a great chopsticks idea! I've been looking for a pair of tongs....but I think I'll have to give these a try since I can't find them. Thanks!!

  2. What a fun week! Love those cupcakes. I've been eyeing those for a while. LOL

  3. Great week and wonderful job with the training wheel chopsticks. Kerri

  4. The cupcake puzzle looks awesome! Where do you get those Beginning Bible Flannels? Those look really neat!

  5. Iowa Farmer's Wife-I think I bought those flannels from Library and Educational Services. It was so long ago though...I don't know if they still have them, they do sell other flannels though. :o) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love the picture of him with the flannel pieces sticking to his shirt.


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