Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tot School~Week 16


We’ve had such a great week and I got so many fun pictures, I’ll try not to overwhelm you!  Smile

Children's Museum-Jan 028 Children's Museum-Jan 030

We started the week at the Minnesota Children’s Museum, it was subzero when we walked back to the truck, but I quick snapped these photos in front of a very old and famous candy shop.

Children's Museum-Jan 025

We made this cute little buggy hat while we were there, if you look in the mirror in the background you can sort of see me taking the picture.

018                 020

Working on patterns with his trainer chopsticks.


I found these cool foam letters and numbers at Walmart on clearance for .50 a pack.  I bought 6 of them!  So here we are, I spelled out his name and gave him another set of letters and had him match them up, talking about the sounds and names of the letters.  When he finished he put the letters back in the foam outlines.  He loved it!


Bubble Gum Taffy loved it too and had fun spelling all kinds of words, she just liked sticking the words all together.

001 (2)            003 (2)

From our Winter Fun kit-Patterns and then number matching with the foam numbers.

008 (2)

In this picture, we were also playing with the foam numbers.  I would give him 3 numbers at a time and ask him to find #1.  Then find #2, etc.  He could pick out every number except 8.  I was really impressed!



This is the first time he’s done a specific handwriting activity like this.  He was SO into it!  Just look at his tongue!005 (3)

Every time he’d finish a letter he’d yell, “I did it! I did it!”  He was so proud of himself!  We just focused on the letters in his name.008 (3)

He enjoyed the erasing almost as much!




012 (2)

Do-A-Dot painting.

010 (3)

Putting number blocks in ordinal position.  Sounds fancy!

012 (3)

Then matching up his little foam numbers with the blocks.

015                 013

Biggest to littlest!  Review coming soon!

009 (4)

This is my favorite picture from the week.  He’s trying to blow over his towers that he made with his stacking pegs!

It was great week!  He was an enthusiastic  and eager learner!

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Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a great Walmart deal! Did you find the letters in the clearance isle or in the toy section?

  2. Laura, the toy section!! They were still there yesterday when we were there! :o)

  3. Love the photos in front of the candy shop and what a luck find on the foam letters from WalMart!! Kerri


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