Friday, February 4, 2011

I can read! I can read!

My little Bubble Gum Taffy is one proud little girl.  She has successfully completed book 1 of the 1st grade Pathway Readers series.  See for yourself!


022                       023

024                       025

020                       028

We had to ditch the 100 Easy Lessons book…she just couldn’t handle the part of the book where they switched fonts. I think we got to lesson 75. But that’s okay, that’s why I homeschool, to do what works best for my child!  And this book worked!  She’s pretty much trying to read any and everything now.  She still gets confused by the letter b and d and I still catch her “guessing” at a word instead of actually read it, but she is making good progress. So if she’s a proud little girl, I’m a proud Momma!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Sweet! W is in a "reading buddies" program and he said he enjoys reading with the girls because they are so much more interested and focused and excited about reading. I am so happy to see that smiling twirling happiness!

  2. Yeah- congratulations! That is such an exciting moment. I love the pictures of her- you can tell just how proud she is. Cute dress too! We use Pathway readers as well and love them!

  3. Oh, that is exciting! Congratulations!!! We are on Lesson 60 of "100 easy lessons" and Luke gets b & d mixed up as well. He also gets the long "o" and the short "o" sounds mixed up as well but, other than that, he's cruising along and I'm so thanful that you told me about that curriculum!

  4. Great job reading, Miss Bubble Gum Taffy!

    And for you, Mrs. Taffy--I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger award over on my blog! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats to Miss Bubble Gum Taffy!!
    I love it when a child learns to read and then runs with encouraging to us moms/teachers.

  6. YEAH!! Big milestone and accomplishment for Miss Bubble Gum Taffy! Congrats. Kerri


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