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Song School Latin~Review


As part of the Old Schoolhouse  Crew I am happy to share my review of Song School Latin with you.  Published by Classical Academic Press, this is one of those homeschool products I have been dreaming about buying for a long time!  I was so thrilled to get a copy to review!  And let me tell you I was not disappointed!

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This gentle introduction to Latin is geared towards children from K-3rd grade.  My kindergartener, Bubble Gum Taffy, loves it!  She can’t really read the Latin words on her own, but she picks up so much from the songs!

My 2nd Grader is flourishing using this Latin program.  He can read it, he can speak it, he can write it and most importantly he remembers it from one day to the next!

Even my 3 year old is picking it up!  As soon as he hears the music start he is right there with us signing along!

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The main emphasis of the program is to teach Latin through song, like the name suggests.  Each lesson has one or two songs  or chants that accompany the lesson.  The music is lovely, gentle and catchy. 

The suggested teaching method is about 1 lesson per week, but it’s so flexible you could easily do more or less.  There are activities in the student workbook for the discipuli (Latin for Students) to complete and extra activities to photocopy in the teacher book. 

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I am having my children make notebooks full of vocabulary, coloring pages and the activities in the workbook.  I just write them in for them to complete. 

Two bonus items that I love about this curriculum are the PDF download full of coloring pages that correspond with the lessons and a website with FREE Latin Song School Games for extra practice!


The Headventure Land website with Free Latin Song School Games.

Along with the Teacher Book and Student Book w/CD, I was also given a sample of the Latin Monkey Match Flash Cards to review.  I have found that I haven’t really needed to use the flash cards much.  They wouldn’t help my Kindergartener anyway because they are beyond her reading ability at this point.  But they are well made and adorable.  Smile

  • Latin Song School Student Book sells for $22.95
  • Latin Song School Teacher Book sells for $22.95
  • Latin Monkey Match Cards sell for $24.95
  • Or you can get the bundle, which includes all three, for $64.95.


When you visit the Classical Academic Press website you will find lots of helpful information with many samples to explore and pdf’s to download.

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I’m very pleased with this gentle approach to Latin and if Classical education is something that interests you, this would be a good place to start!


Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer-As part of the Old Schoolhouse Crew I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review.  To see what other reviewers thought, visit the Crew Blog.


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