Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Laffy Taffy!

Today officially began what I affectionately call “Birthday Season.”  We’ll have 1 birthday a month for a while, except January, but we make up for it with 2 in February.  Anyway, today was Laffy Taffy’s birthday!  My sweet little boy turned a whopping 4!


Here’s his loot!  His birthday bounty!  Most everything I got for his birthday, save the Mac and Cheese, came from garage sales over the summer!  I think I spent more on the wrapping paper than on his actual gifts!


Checking out his Mac and Cheese.  This was a MAJOR treat!  He was so excited!


We let him open a few things before Mr. Taffy went to work.  I hid a few things in his new back pack.  His big brother bought him the CARS 2 dvd, there was also a couple keys hidden in there to unlock a money bank that had both money (change) and Fruit snacks in it.


After his lunch of Mac and Cheese we packed up and went to a free children’s opera.  It was interesting to say the least.  This photo is courtesy of Blue-Raspberry Taffy. 

After we got home, the little ones took a nap and I decorated the cake.


I found this idea on-line after googling “Monkey Cake.”  It was SO easy to put together!  With the left over cake mix I made cupcakes too.


He’s young enough not to mind a little pink.  He has sisters after all.

For dinner Laffy Taffy wanted Pizza, his very favorite thing.  So I let him make his own!  I don’t know what came over me.

038        045

This is probably his favorite memory from the day too!


He ate EVERY bite!

050                053

Happy Birthday to you!



Some of the “guests.”  Marshmallow did not appreciate the noise makers!  That’s why she’s hiding in the basket with daddy.

064            068

A few more presents and the day is done!  What a happy day we had!  Poor Miss Bubble Gum missed the party, she was in bed with a bad belly.  She was so sad to miss the cake, but she needn’t worry, since Mr. Taffy and Chocolate and I didn’t have any cake, there’s loads left!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!  You make my life richer with your presence, your smile lights up my day and your kisses are worth more than all the M&M’s in the whole world!


Momma Taffy


  1. So sweet! Thank you for sharing all that! LOVE the basket full of presents, the hands on pizza, and the m&m's comment!

  2. Happy Birthday Laffy Taffy! We just had a 4 year old birthday at our house last month too - they're so fun at that age.

    We're in birthday season too. 2 in October, 1 in November, 1 in December, baby#7 due in January, another birthday in February. Then we take off March and have two in April, May off, and 1 in June. LOL. Nothing for July, Aug, or Sept.

  3. Happy birthday! What a cutie. You can see how much he loved making his pizza in the photos.

  4. Happy Birthday!! What a cute cake!!! Great job mom!!! :)


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