Friday, December 9, 2011

Weight-loss Journal {9}

I’m posting a little early this week because today marks our 2 month anniversary of new life style of eating.  I weighed in this morning at 189.2!  I was so surprised!  And so happy!  Earlier in the week I weighed myself and I was up (194), but I was having that same gassy belly  that I described a few weeks ago.  I think I overdosed on nuts.  Anyway, I’m glad all that gas has passed  (oh my word I am on a roll with the puns!  lol)  Sorry, I’m easily amused. 

I ran my errands today with the intention of getting myself a reward, but I didn’t find anything that appealed to me.  It must have been because Mr. Taffy had his own plans for a reward!


I was cleaning up from dinner when he brought this home!  An Edible Bouquet!  So pretty!


The balloon your can’t see says I LOVE YOU!


Here’s a close up.  Those white things are bananas dipped in white and dark chocolate!  Oh my!  I know you aren’t supposed to reward weight-loss with food, but I let myself enjoy the gift anyway.  Besides, I had LOTS of help eating it!


Even Marshmallow enjoyed some mashed up cantaloupe.  She devoured it!


This was all that was left after we had our “weigh” with it!  haha!  So then we made this-


If I could, I would give this to my friend Lisa!  She would love this too and the whole time I kept thinking how fun it would be to share it with her! (She lives far away from me.)  So here you go Lisa…sending you a little weight-loss reward too!

I’m almost halfway to my goal!  Woo hoo!  I keep thinking how fun it’s going to be this summer to hang out at the beach with my children and to not feel totally self-conscience.  I don’t wear a swimsuit-ever.  But I do like to get a little sun on my arms and legs.  Hope we can keep this up!

Until Next Week!

Mrs. Taffy

P.S.  I hope these posts don’t sound braggy.  I have a very cheerful outlook on life and sometimes I think that comes across as braggy!   Sorry if it does!  Tell me about your weigh-loss successes, or failures, and I’ll rejoice or weep with you too!


  1. What a special surprise!

  2. Good job! So proud of you. You are doing sooo well. Love the fruit bouquet! :) What a sweet reward!

    Love, Lisa C.
    P.S. Mailed you a little package today! :) Look for it early next week. :)

  3. You don't sound braggy! Looking great. You are doing an awesome job!

  4. Not a Spring ChickenDecember 13, 2011 at 8:50 AM

    I linked to your blog through Columbian Brewed. Congratulations on your success in being half way to your weight loss goal. I am an adoptive mom of 5, have homeschooled off and on in the past, live in BC, Canada and have just finished a local "Biggest Loser" contest. I lost 25 pounds and won 2nd place for my efforts. I have another 10 pounds to go to get to my goal. Just want to encourage you to stick with it - the benefits are well worth the time and effort spent getting to a healthier weight.

  5. Thank you! The encouragement means so much! And good job on your weight loss!!


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