Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aged Chocolate

That’s what happens around here at this time, the Chocolate ages and we celebrate!


I was 22 when I had him 16 years ago.  His due date was February 20th, but they insisted he be born early since he was “measuring big.”  He was sort of big, 8lbs exactly, 20 inches exactly, born at 37 week gestation.  He came a short 11 months after his older brother and he was born quickly once things got going.  He was a super fussy baby.  We were living in an apartment when he was a baby and our neighbors called the police on us several times because of all his crying.  How embarrassing!  Had I known then, what I know now, I would have just let the boy sleep with us!  Oh well, now I know better.

Once Chocolate learned how to walk, around 1 year old, he became the most happy, easy going, adorable child!  He was silly and animated, loved to eat and play.  He’s always been REALLY smart and really binary.  He doesn’t read emotion too well, but remembers EVERYTHING he reads.  He is amazing at fixing things, comes to him naturally.  He’s incredibly patient too, not necessarily with his little siblings, but with detailed projects that include many little pieces and precision.  005

He loves gifts so he’s always VERY excited for his birthday!

006               009


It’s because of him that I learned how to cook!  One day it just dawned on me that I needed to be able to cook well for these two little boy’s entrusted in my care.


Chocolate LOVES to talk and when he turned 4 he declared to the “world” that he was going to be “a pweacher and a witer!”  It could still happen, but for now he’s got his eyes on the skies, Mars better watch out!


One of my favorite things is when Chocolate Taffy shares interesting things with me, like news stories he’s read on-line, literature stories he hated or what his college class was about.  He’s such a great kid!  I’m proud to be his Mom and can’t wait to see what amazing plans God has in store for him!

I Love you Chocolate Taffy~ You’re aging well!


Momma Taffy


  1. What a lovely essay on "all things chocolate" So happy to have him part of our big family!

  2. Happy Birthday - and we love Aged Chocolate! You are a gem of a young man and we are glad, very blessed, to know you!


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