Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teenagers get a bad wrap

Mr. Taffy and I were half-heartedly watching TV the other night, I was doing something on my Kindle and he was using my laptop to get caught up with his email and blog.  It seemed that every few minutes I was hearing something negative being said about teenager.

“Oh, she’s sixteen, she doesn’t talk to me.”

“Oh, he’s 15, he knows EVERYTHING!”

“You know how teens are…” ( eyes rolling)

I even hear real life people complaining about teenagers, whether their own or somebody else's.  Granted, teens can be moody and unpredictable and opinionated, but the truth is I can be those things too and worse!


I’ve been thinking about how much I enjoy my teens, I mean I really enjoy them!  I love seeing the world through their eyes and hearing about their experiences.  I enjoy listening to them tell stories about their friends or college classes.  I like to discuss the Word with the them and the state of our country.  It’s my heart’s desire to launch them into independence, not hold them back.  I’m excited for them and their futures because I can remember being their age and being so excited about the future and all the possibilities that lay ahead. 


My teens are hard-working, committed and faithful.  I depend on them greatly and willingly reward them!  It is a honor and a blessing to be a part of their lives!


I know this just sounds like a big brag on my kids, but it’s not supposed to be that, it’s supposed to an encouragement.  Just because the whole planet is telling you that your teens are going to drive you crazy, just because you were an awful teen, doesn’t mean yours has to be that way!


I think the number one thing that causes teen rebellion is hypocrisy.  It was the one thing that made me furious as a teen and I can see it in other young people.  The church, their parents, their teachers, political leaders, everyone is a hypocrite at some level!  It still bugs me, but I’ve learned grace.  Mr. Taffy and I try so hard to live what we say/practice what we preach.  Of course we slip up from time to time and it’s an opportunity to teach grace and forgiveness.  When I think of the hardest times we’ve had with our children, they revolve around us requiring something of them and not giving it ourselves.  It’s a sad state, but easily corrected thankfully!

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These guys keep me young, humble and real.  They bring an amount of laughter and joy to my life that is irreplaceable.  Please enjoy your young people, this time is just as precious, if not more so, than when they were small!

Blessings from a Momma of 3 teenagers!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Yes! I agree. And I've learned one more thing. That other people's teens who look scruffy and sullen, most often have a very sensitive golden inner core that you just have to talk to them for a bit to see!

  2. Awesome post mom! (What is Jonah doing to my head??)

    Love you!


  3. Well Said - and I say Hip, Hip, Horray for the blessing of "teenagers" - they are a gift...

  4. I agree, teens are great! I, too, hear so much negative talk about teens and find it discouraging. I am so thankful for my teens and enjoy the time I spend with them. This is one big reason I love homeschooling because I enjoy my kids! Thank you for sharing this!


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