Friday, July 20, 2012

My New Favorite Way to Stay Organized!

I hope you can stand another review.  This one isn’t affiliated with any particular group, it’s just something that I found on my own that I’m enjoying so much I wanted to share it with you all!  Some of you have probably already heard of it, but me, well I’m asking, “where have you been all my life?” 


Cozi is an on-line calendar.  Free.  Michelle Duggar uses it with her MEGA family and it’s working for my little one too!  (Okay, well, maybe not little, but in comparison…)


I have a seriously low tolerance for learning anything computer related.  I really like the computer, but my attention span for learning programs is basically non-existent.  After signing up, I watched a 3 minute video and had it figured out!  I made a family calendar and put in the boy’s work schedule very simply.  You can add all of your family members so that you can keep track of who is doing what, when.  I have a grid schedule on my refrigerator that has been working very well, but it’s almost gone and the company that sold it is out of business.  My teenagers are getting busier and busier, it’s hard to keep track of where everybody is and what they are doing.  But as the resident manager it’s my business to know where they are and what’s going on from day to day.  Cozi is totally helping me!

Here’s a list of the things I like so far:

  • Easy to understand and maneuver
  • All the kids with internet access and can access our calendar and add their schedules and appointments.
  • Cozi will email or text reminders for upcoming appointment.
  • There’s a page to plan menus, and you can print them!!
  • There’s a page to make grocery lists.  I have several lists going, so if the kids notice something is running out, like paper napkins, they can go into the list section and under Target write Napkins.  Or if they have an individual need they can write, “Socks for Banana Taffy,” and I’ll know who to buy them for next time I’m out.
  • The Grocery Lists are printable too.
  • There is a journal segment where you can put a picture and jot a quick note about happenings in your family, then you can turn it into a newsletter that they will email to whomever you want.  This is great option if you don’t have a blog or if you do and certain family members don’t read it but still like to know what’s going on.  lol
  • There’s a free app for certain interfaces.  Not the kindle fire yet, but my husband has it on his smart phone and he will look at it and use it too! That’s a great thing!
  • I set up a special list of to-do’s for Mr. Taffy and myself.  I don’t like to give Mr. Taffy more work than he already has but there are few things that I just can’t do, like fixing the printer issue with my laptop. 
  • You can sync this calendar up with other on-line calendars.  So if your homeschool co-op or public school has an on-line calendar you can import those dates into your Cozi calendar with just a few clicks. 
  • It’s so easy.
  • It’s free!





I love anything that helps me with my job and Cozi is really doing that for me!  Maybe it will for you too?


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Interesting! I could have used that a few years ago!

  2. Love Cozi!! My hubby and I both have the app on our phones. If I need to send him to the store, I make him a list and it is on HIS phone. Plus, if I forget something I can just add it to the list while he is shopping!


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