Saturday, July 21, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 14

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Our Thursday Garage Sale day started out kind of slow.  The first few sales were really bad.  But things started picking up and I actually found a lot of great stuff this week!


I apologize for the awkwardness of this photo, it does show two of my great finds though.  The individual trampoline-$5.00 and the Ikea Easel with Paper roll-$5.00.  Both were excellent condition and something that I have been looking for.  Laffy actually has sore muscles from jumping so much!  The easel is primarily for Bubble Gum Taffy but the others are enjoying it as well.

003                    004


Another awesome find is this little bike for Laffy Taffy.  We’ve been looking for a two-wheeler for him and this was in such great condition and was only $10.00!  He loves it!


010              015

Black Trench Coat for me-$3.00.  White blouse (really long)-.50 and red cape jacket-.50. 


Also for me, three pair of long jeans-.50, 1.00 & 1.00.  1 pair of Tommy Hilfiger cropped jeans-$2.00  Black Dress pants-$1.00, black stretch pants-.50, black tank top-.25 and light blue shirt-.25. 


Light up pumpkin-$1.00.  My boys helped me to put it in its new home:

013                     014

Can you believe there’s actually a plug up there?  And LOTS of dust!


Kid’s books were a quarter each and the movies were .25.  I had to buy Lady and the Tramp because Mr. Taffy did not believe m that there are Siamese cats in the movie.  I’m happy to say I proved him wrong.  ha ha!  The Little House Movies are still shrink wrapped!  The chicken was $1.00.


These two books were .25 each.


A new quilt for Bubble Gum.  $3.00!!  It’s so perfect in her room, I was so happy to find it for such a good price.  I got the quilt from the same sale as the easel and the clothes for me, she had GREAT prices and I basically spent the rest of my money there which was about $14.00 I think.  Less than a new pair of jeans from Wal-Mart!  So thankful!

How did you do?  Did you find any treasures?  Please share your finds with us by linking up below!  If you’ve never joined us before, please read this post first!

Let the bragging begin!!


Mrs. Taffy

P.S.  Sorry this is a little late!  Mr. Taffy stayed home yesterday and we’ve been having fun making some important decisions for our family.


  1. Great finds! I'm SO glad you FINALLY found a trampoline...we still have your old one! LOL!

    I won't be linking up this week, I am going to write a blog post about why it was impossible for me to go out this week. :(

  2. Amazing finds as usual! We drove by a garage sale but didn't stop. I think next time I need to get out of the truck and look. No wonder I never find anything!

  3. FANTASTIC prices!!! So exciting! We had a mini trampoline but had to sell it at our garage sale because we just don't have the room to have it out or store it right now. But it is PERFECT for the little ones! Love your pumpkin!! And yay for some fabulous clothes for you, especially that coat! Ohlala!! ;0) Another great quilt find, by the way! Finding things you need that are cute and cheap is so exciting. Both girls have two very pretty Pottery Barn quilts that were bought for probably $10 combined at garage sales. Hoping you share the important family decisions you and Mr. Taffy made soon! :)

  4. Great shopping! Love the quilt. So cute and perfect for Bubble Gum! Laffy Taffy really got some good stuff! Get those wiggles out!

  5. Tried to zone in on my favorite thing that you found, but you found some AMAZING things this week!!! I can't pick one. Love the trampoline and the kids love the trampolines and bikes that I've found at garage sales. Found the trampoline last year and they still love it!

    You found some absolutely lovely things for you. The trench is beautiful....and the cape is so fun!

    As if that wasn't topped it off with that quilt! It is adorable! What a great week you had! :)

  6. Wow!!!! Love the quilt! Great prices on clothes for neat that you found items for you!

    Great finds my friend!

  7. The quilt is perfect!! And yay for new jeans! Love all your great finds!

  8. I've enjoyed the book Living of Live Food for a number of years. It will be a great addition.

  9. You have found lovely items form the garage sale in your area! Garage sales are perfect venues to find wonderful stuff at very affordable prices. Thanks for sharing your delightful experience.


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