Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today has been pretty busy around our house. You can see the trees are staring to fill in...except the Oak, they are very slow to get their leaves in. We had our back yard cleared of most of the trees today. Our property backs up to a wet land area, so the trees in the way back there are not ours. I think it was total of 17 trees that got "timbered" today.
So interesting to watch! Look at her shoes!
Another observer.

The final result! Doesn't' it look great? There is still one big birch tree and we kept all the oaks that are close the house. Now we have the space and sunshine for a garden and possibly some fruit trees and berry bushes! Plus plenty of room to play!

Those dark spots are were the stumps were ground up.

We have lots of firewood for the winter now and a pile of mulch in the driveway to use in the garden! While that was going on outside, this is what was going on inside:
Sandwich Buns and Bread (not pictured)

Cookies to take garage-saling!

And Dinner!

Here's a super easy and super tasty recipe for you!
Chicken Nuggets
Cut up chunks of chicken breast
Corn Flakes
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
2 tsp. Garlic Salt
Take a gallon size baggie and fill it half full with corn flakes, then add brown sugar and garlic salt. Squeeze the air out the bag and use a rolling pin to smash the corn flakes. After the corn flakes are smashes, shake the bag a few times to get the sugar and galic mixed in well. Next, drop a few chicken chuncks in the bag and shake, shake, shake! Put the newly covered nuggets on a cookie sheet, repeat until all the chicken chunks are covered. Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes. These smell great and taste great and are really fast to put together. We had mashed potatoes and corn on the side, ketchup and bbq sauce for dipping!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Looks like a very busy and productive day, indeed! Those are the best! I love trees! I miss them out here in the plains of Colorado. It's something I think and talk about often:-)

  2. Hmmm...what rolls did you make? Can you share how to make those?

    What fun for your future plans for the space that was cleared!


  3. I was wondering how you shaped those rolls. They look so nice, my family would definitely enjoy seeing them.

  4. Hi Ranee! Okay, to shape the roll them out like a snake and grab the snake in the middle, letting both sides dangle downward. Then you grab one of the dangling sides and sort of swing the other side around the one you are holding, so it looks braidlike. After you have made the braidlike twist you bring the ends together, sort of tucking the ends up inside the twist, that should now be a round shape. Wow, that could be really HARD to understand, I hope you've baked enough to kind of know what I'm talking about!! LOL Anyway, I saw it on a TV show once, they turn out so nice looking, people are always impressed and it's not hard at all! Hope that helps somewhat! Happy Baking!

  5. Thank you for the description! I think I can do that. I'll try tonight with the rolls I'm making.


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