Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook-10-12-10


Outside my window... I can’t see my grass or my “courtyard” there are so many leaves on the ground!

I am thinking... about the appointment with midwife today.

I am thankful for... my energy returning!  I’m feeling so much better,  getting so much more done and I’m so thankful for that!

I am wearing...A denim maternity skirt, a pink t.shirt with a pink stripy button up shirt over it.  I’m a little more dressy today since I’m going to the midwife.  :)

In the learning room...so excited about a writing curriculum that I am reviewing.  I can’t wait to get started on it with my older children.

I am remembering... how these clothes were looser the last time I was pregnant…hmmm….

I am going... 8:50-Midwife, 1:00-Blue-Raspberry’s swimming lesson.  I need to take some stuff to Goodwill and stop by the library too.  Also, I need to find a brown skirt to wear to a wedding this weekend.

I am currently reading... sadly, nothing.  Unless you count the curriculum I’m reviewing and blogs, oh and I am reading a lot to the children, but not anything for myself currently.

I am hoping...that everything I do isn’t in vain.

On my mind...Seems to be a lot: the baby, kid’s school, friends in need, dinner, seeing my dad this weekend.

Noticing that... It doesn’t matter how many times I vacuum, my floors always look dirty.

From the kitchen...Not much.  We are done with breakfast and everything is straightened up.

Around the house... I spent a good amount of time yesterday cleaning out my closet.  I moved out all my non-maternity clothes and moved in maternity stuff.  I filled three bags with clothes for Goodwill and have two big piles of clothes to giveaway.  I also organized the kids closets and moved out outgrown summer stuff.  I love to clean out closets!

One of my favorite things…making my children smile.

From my camera...



Mrs. Taffy


  1. Your sister-in-law has a Dr. appointment today too! Let me know how yours goes!

  2. Great pic friend!

    Sounds like great things you are thinking of. I remember having baby thoughts always on my mind when I was pregnant. How many weeks are you now.

    I can't wait till you find out (possibly) what you are having. Are you? I thought you said you were.

    I scrolled through your MN zoo post and looks like such a wonderful day you all had. You look younger than ever. I really think those baby hormones make women glow and look younger. Beautiful!!

    Sending all my love,

    Chris xoxo

  3. Chris! So happy to hear from you! Yes, I'm going to find out what we are having, Lord willing! Only a couple more weeks until I get to see! Can't wait! I'm 16 weeks now.

    I think you are right, pregnancy hormones seem to be agreeing with tme, my hair is perking up which I'm so thankful for. No gray yet! :o) I'm incredibly thankful for this baby...what a blessing!

    Praying for you!
    love and hugs!


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