Friday, October 1, 2010

Foundlings-Book Review


“Foundlings, book one of The Peleg Chronicles
is Historical Fiction that takes place in the
time period of Peleg, soon after the tower of
Babel dispersion. In its pages we meet
dragons, giants, false priests, the death hunt,
an under-city of the Dwarven Brotherhood,
and many memorable characters.


The story begins with Lord McDougal and his
faithful shield-bearer, Fergus Leatherhead,
departing their lands with giants at their
backs, while before them lie in wait denizens of
the bog-land and forest.
Ever ready to protect and serve others, they
gather in tow an assortment of displaced
adventurers and find themselves embroiled in
a mysterious search for the foundlings:
orphaned Thiery with his companion Horatio
the white wolf, and Suzie who has been
deceitfully retained by the thieves Elvodug and
Others also seek the foundlings, and their
purposes are most sinister - Dragon Priests
who practice cozen sacrifices, and their leader
Count Rosencross who is torn by his God given
conscience and his pursuit of personal glory.
Onward toward the city of Hradcanny they
travel, meeting with treachery, beast attacks,
camaraderie and psalms of praise with an eye
toward the gospel. Though their battles are at
times fierce and the outcomes uncertain, the
author maintains the integrity of these noble
characters, who through weakness are made
strong by Him in whom they trust.
Foundlings weaves together the Biblical
principles of chivalry, truth, courage, duty,
faith and love within the framework of Genesis,
and a bold adherence to its historicity. It's an
exciting page turner that leaves you wanting
more, but more importantly it leaves the
reader with Godly heroes to think on and
emulate, and a young earth creationist view of
history that conforms to the Word of God.”

No Magic

No Evolution

No Humanism

All those words up there are what’s written on the back of this treasure of a book.  We were sent this book by the author himself and can I just say I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for this book!  Really, I’m at a lose for the appropriate words to give this book the honor that it’s due.  And here’s why:  True to his word, there is no magic, no evolution and no humanism in this book.  But it’s packed with truth, scripture, joy, laughter, sorrow, adventure, excitement, imagination and the WHOLE BOOK honors God!

As a family we have rejected quite a few books that most believers would consider expectable, including the Chronicles of Narnia…extreme I know.  We have read the books, my older children have read them too, and while they do have truth interlaced throughout, we are not comfortable with the magic and witchcraft.  So we haven’t reread them and we don’t own them.  So I was thrilled to learn about this series and hopeful that it held up to it’s promises!  Boy did it!

I read the book during lunch time.  The book is aimed at the older child-middle school and up, though my younger ones were at the table while I was reading it.  There were some intense moments in the book but the wording of the “moments” made it so that my little ones didn’t understand,  over their heads, in my opinion.

I love this book because it was safe, it was God-honoring and truthful.  We were laughing out loud, I was crying ( I always get chocked up during the emotional parts).  Highly Recommended!

The book has such an amazing cliff hanger at the end…my children are begging me to buy the next one!  What a great book!

To read more about Matthew Harding and his philosophy on his books go to his website.  You won’t be sorry!


Mrs. Taffy

This book was given to me for the sole purpose of this review.  All the opinions expressed are my own and nobody paid me!  :o)


  1. Wow! What a review! Makes me want to read it. I love finding a wonderful book I want everyone to know about.

  2. You did a great review! Nice job!

  3. Great review!

    My boys loved the book.

    I am SO GLAD you said that about the Narnia books. I thought I must be going crazy with everyone talking about how wonderful they are.

    We had never read them before and started with The Magicians Nephew and I am loathing going through them. We started a book club and the entire set was picked. When I voiced my opinion about the book, I could have sworn I had something hanging from my nose with the looks I got.

    It is nice to know I am not alone in my opinion of these books.

  4. Great review- so glad your children all enjoyed it. We reviewed this also. While I thought the story was very gripping (lots of action), I wasn't very impressed with the seemingly satanic priests and child sacrifice. I read it, but did not have my children read it.

  5. Quite a cliffhanger, indeed! I'm sure I will eventually buy Paladins, although, I expect, at the end of that one, I will be left anxiously awaiting book 3!


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