Sunday, October 3, 2010

TotSchool Week 8


We started out the week with a visit to the MN Children’s Museum.  I don’t have any pictures of our outing because I wanted to be “hands-free.”  Laffy Taffy’s favorite part was driving the “magic school bus” which is what he calls every bus!  He also played a long time with the water table and ping-pong balls.

So these pictures make it look like I took them all on the same day, but I’m pretty sure he wore the same outfit twice…this is favorite shirt at the moment.  :o)


He’s pretty much done with the first book in the Rod & Staff preschool set.  He loves doing it, but he doesn’t have the patience to do very much of it at one sitting.


I bought Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards at a Teacher Supply store last weekend and let Laffy play around with them.  He couldn’t really trace the letters, but he really like making circles out of the Wikki Stix.


Still playing this game—such a fun thing for him!


Seek and Find bag.  Feeling for the shapes and matching them to the shadow tiles.



Wednesday we went on a field trip to an aquarium.  He had a great time!  The thing he was looking for was a catfish, don’t know why that was so significant, but he was thrilled when he got to see one! 

aquarium 031 aquarium 025

Snapping Turtle Tank

aquarium 035

He LOVES his rainbow blocks!  Review coming soon!


We had about 13 people (not counting the Taffy’s) over here on Saturday night—Laffy LOVES fellowship time!  And Sunday afternoon (today) I’m taking him swimming—a great end to another great week of TotSchool!

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Mrs. Taffy


  1. Great week! My son loved the aquarium we went to last week. Although, he wasn't too excited about the touch tank.

  2. What a fun week!! Thanks for the reminder about Wiki Sticks. I used to use them with my oldest way back when.


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