Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lanschool Technology-Review

HSCrew140x180The latest product I got to review is brought to us by Lanschool Technology. This is a very interesting program.  Here’s how the website describes it:

“Teachers today are faced with the challenge and opportunity of using technology to teach. Computers are amazing educational tools, but they can also be a huge distraction to learning. The Internet, instant messaging, email and games are a constant temptation for students.

LanSchool v7.5 removes these distractions so you can teach more effectively. No classroom management solution is simpler to install, easier to use or better suited for teaching in a 21st century classroom.”

Here’s some of the Nitty Gritty info you might be interested in:

Lanschool Version 7.5 Features:

Quick, Easy Access. Monitor students. Remove Distractions. Teach. Communicate. Assess Student Progress.  Save Time. 1:1 Support. Security. Teacher Assistant. iOS Student.

Lanschool Version 7.5 Specification:

LanSchool v7.5 supports any combination of computers running Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP-32, Windows Vista-32/64, Windows 7-32/64, Windows 2003 and 2008 Terminal Server, MultiPoint Server, Citrix, NComputing U, X and L series, iPad, iPod, iPhone, iOS 3 and iOS 4, Mac OS 10.4 and higher.

The only exception is the LanSchool teacher console for the Mac, which will only run on Intel- based Mac hardware running OS 10.5 or higher.

school room 011

On a personal level, I couldn’t figure out how to use it in our homeschool.  Granted, I did use it for other things, like checking on my boy’s to see that they had turned their computers off when I told them too.  :o) It was great fun to tease them and take over  control of their computers.  I can use the program to blank out their screens, take over control of their mouse, send them messages, block websites, etc.  I did notice the if I blocked a website, it only remained blocked when the Lanschool Program was open, not indefinitely. 


The website is great with lots of video tutorials and a free trail download.  I haven’t personally used the tech support (I’m married to a techy) but I know many of my shipmates have and I’ve heard good reports about that.  For me, this program is more a monitoring program, which I appreciate since I’m usually sitting at the dining room table and my students are in the basements with their computers.  Being a recovering control-freak, being able to check on them and take-over at will makes me happy!

To check out the program for yourself, visit the Lanschool Website and to see what other reviewers thought, visit the Old Schoolhouse Blog.


Mrs.  Taffy

This book was given to me for the sole purpose of this review.  All the opinions expressed are my own and nobody paid me!  :o)

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