Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Bash-Taffy Style

Laffy Taffy turned 3 today!  I’m still having trouble absorbing that, it seems like it was just yesterday…wasn’t it just yesterday?  If I weren’t pregnant, I’d probably be a whole lot sadder!

Our birthday celebrations always  start out early in the morning!  This time was no exception!  So right after breakfast this morning we had round one!


The special birthday plate!  Like that bed head? 


Laffy Taffy is really into Curious George right now.  So Bubble Gum and Blue-Raspberry gave him a new DVD.  They watched it twice today…don’t tell anybody!  Smile


Since Chocolate and Banana had to work tonight, they also gave Laffy Taffy their gift early in the morning.  A Plasma Car—so cool!  (We found it at Costco!)

018                     022

This all happened BEFORE 7:00 am.


This sweet picture happened after lunch!  The rest of the party was after daddy got home!


I made cheese pizza for Laffy’s birthday dinner.  It got a little wonky in the oven, but he still loved it!


Then came brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce.  He did NOT want cake!  I liked this better too!


Time for more presents!


040                    045

“Thanks Grandma Mindi!”



“Thanks Grandma Judy!”


And finally from Daddy and I.  I got this at Costco too—they have GREAT toys this year!  I knew all the little people would enjoy it!


They played for an hour and a half straight before I had to put them to bed!  They used the blocks to build houses for the fire fighters to put out fires and rescue people!


Happy Birthday Laffy Taffy!  I never knew how much I needed you until you came!  I would be incomplete as a mother without you and our family would be incomplete without you here!


  1. Yay!! happy birthday Laffy Taffy! Looks like you all had a wonderful fun filled DAY!

    I know what you mean about those 3yrs going by so fast. It feels like that for me! Wow-wee!

    Chris xoxo

  2. Awww! Happy birthday Laffy Taffy!!!!
    I love the picture of all the kids with Laffy Taffy in the middle. Soooo sweet!
    Christ be with you,

  3. Chris! So happy to see all these comments from you! I miss you! It always makes me happy hear from you! Love and hugs!

  4. Oh, Laffy make the world brighter and fill all of our hearts with lots of joy! I smile when I think of are a treasure from heaven! Happy Birthday Sweetie! Hugs from the Griffin family!

  5. What a glorious day! Happy Birthday Laffy Taffy!

  6. What a wonderful day you gave your little boy. I love the picture of all the children on the stairs!

  7. What a fun birthday. We have a curious george lover in our family too.


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