Friday, November 19, 2010



I’ve had so much fun reviewing this website for the Old Schoolhouse Crew! KB Teachers offers “free and premium worksheets, activities and printable pages.” I was given a premium membership to review. Here’s a sampling of what I found on the site.

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I found these worksheets under their autumn themed pages.


Blue-Raspberry writing his first Haiku!


Orange pumpkin Green stem

Bars cake rolls delicious treats

happy bumpy squash

007 (2)

Thanksgiving Printables


The website features printable worksheets (ad free/water mark free) for all ages! I found pages for my little guy and pages for my teenagers. Subjects include: English, Handwriting, Math, Social Studies, Science, Biology and More! The math and handwriting pages are particularly fun because you can design your own worksheets! Themes change monthly as new holidays and events show up on the calendar.

You can visit the KB Teacher website and see what free printables are available and then consider getting a free trail member ship.

Free trial then $29 for 12 months
$49 for 2 years

This is a pretty good value, especially if you are teaching multiple children and like to liven things up a little bit with a little something new and different every now and then.

To see what other Crew Members thought of the website, visit the crew blog below!



Mrs. Taffy

The membership to this website was given to me for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions expressed belong to me and my family. I was not paid. Smile


  1. How sweet are those Turkeys!!!!???!!! Yes, when we had littler ones they loved coloring the worksheets. Don't tell, by my 12 yr old liked a few that I printed too. :) Fun site - thanks for posting the cute pics!

  2. I love following your blog, thanks so much for putting up great ideas!

    I've just started my own homeschooling blog :)


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