Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Ramblings

It’s pretty dark right now at my house.  The older boys, including my husband have already left for the final week of deer hunting.  Bubble Gum got up once to make sure to hug her beloved Daddy goodbye before they left (I sent her back to bed) and Laffy Taffy is trying to convince me he needs to get up because, “I’m sneezing…”  Nope, not gonna work!  I love the quiet of the morning.  It’s not even 6 o’clock yet.  I usually do my best writing in the early hours of the morning, before my brain is full of questions from little people and the animals are circling my feet in search of breakfast.

Today marks the first day of our Thanksgiving break.  I’m not the only one who is excited about our week long break!  I think I really need this time off, a little time to regroup and reorganize.  Rest.  I have a lot of things on my “list” that I want to accomplish during this break.  One of which is plan our December homeschool.  I also wanted to sew, but my sewing machine had to go to the doctor, so that will have to wait until Christmas break probably.

Strawberry and I are going to get a head start on our Thanksgiving baking today.  Later I want to go to Costco.  I also have it in my mind to lay out all the Christmas gifts I’ve gathered up to this point and make sure my Christmas Gift List is updated.  My closet is getting a little stuffed, I might have to start wrapping stuff early!  Smile

Do you go shopping on Black Friday?  Mr. Taffy and I used to love to do that, especially when they gave away free stuffed animals or snow globes.  It’s not as much fun anymore…but I am hoping to find a $3.00 crock pot, mine cracked yesterday-RUDE!  I’ve only had it for a year, and this is the first time I lost the actual crock, usually it’s the lid that goes first.

It always amazes me that our woodstove heats this big house.  It’s 19 degrees outside right now, but it’s warm and toasty in my house thanks to our wood stove!  By night time we’ll be opening windows upstairs where the temperature will be a sweltering 80+ degrees!

I’ve been having fun borrowing the Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movies from the library.  So far my favorite is a Season of Miracles, but last night we watched Silver Bells and that was pretty good too.  If you are Hallmark fan like me, the newest movie airs November 28th on CBS.  I think it’s called Christmas in November.  I’ve only seen one commercial for it though, so that might not be quite right.  The great thing about watching Hallmark movies on TV is that most of the commercials are Hallmark commercials…they always make me cry!  Even when I’m not pregnant!

The clock has ticked past 6 here, so I better get ready for my troops!  Enjoy your Saturday!  May it be full of Thankful Things, and hugs from the people you love, and coffee!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I NEVER do Black Friday. I guess I'm more of a last minute shopper. You could also look at Goodwill for just the pot to go with your crock. I don't know if you could even get that for $3 though. Enjoy your day!

  2. I am a huge Hallmark movie fan too! The bad part though is that we do not have cable anymore. Last year they put up some of their movies online and I am really hoping they do that again this year.

    I love your blog by the way! Such a beautiful design and you have a beautiful family too.
    ~Jen Unsell (from the TOS crew)

  3. Welcome Jen! Thank you for stopping by! We don't have cable either...I didn't know they put them on-line though! I'll have to keep my eyes open for that! Fun!

  4. You are a Bright and early riser even when pregnant... :)

    I love the hallmark channel. My in-laws have tv (which is not good because we are watching way to much) we are enjoying all the christmas movies that are out. The girls love them!! We also have been watching the abcfamily channel with all their christmas movies.

    Deer hunting is still going on around here...well not me or my hubby but my sister in law is a big time hunter. She took my nephew (her son) out this weekend and he shot his first doe. He's only 7yrs old. He told me all about it.

    Hope you are feeling good and hope you had a fun time at IKEA. I am still wanting to go and check it out. The closest one is about 2hours south from my place.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...


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