Monday, November 22, 2010

Bright Ideas Press-Review


I recently got to review an item of my choice from this terrific website.  I chose A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers.


Here’s what the book contains:

  • 32 Weekly Lessons
  • 26 Bios of Famous Composers
  • 6 Eras of Music Explained
  • Easy-to-Use Comparative Timeline
  • Easy-to-Use Maps
  • Composer Info-Cards & Game Directions
  • Note-taking Pages
  • Quizzes
  • Answer Keys
  • Listening Suggestions
  • Intricate Coloring Pages
  • Resource Books

After looking through the book the first thing I did was take it to Office Max to get it chopped and punched!  You can read more about my book chopping adventure here.


I am having my 8th grader go through the book.  She loves it!  We study 2 composers a week.  This is what our lesson plan looks like.

Day 1-Read about Composer, Answer Study questions about Composer (included in the book), Search U-Tube for music by Composer and listen to it.

Day 2- Listen to composer music again while coloring picture about Composer’s life (included in the book), make a Composer Card-so fun (and also included in the book).

Then she does it again on Day 3 and 4 with another composer, having Friday’s off.  This has been such a fun and gentle addition to her 8th grade workload!

On the Bright Idea website there is a free time-line that you can download and print out and use to make the learning potential even greater.  You can see sample pages on their website as well.

Personally, I love classical music!  I love how beautiful and organized it is, how creative, how mood-altering.  The other day we were on our way to the Library and my three little ones were going berserk in the car-just laughing and screeching and being really silly.  My solution?  Turn on  some classical music!  With in minutes they were all looking out the window contemplatively, listening, quiet.  Powerful!

You can purchase the book in either a CD Rom book or hard copy.  The CD Rom book sells for $29.95 and the hard copy sells for $34.95.

I can’t wait until Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum are old enough to enjoy this book and wish I had known about it sooner so that I could have used it with my big boys!  To see what other reviewers thought about this and other books published by Bright Idea Press, click on the Homeschool Crew link below!


Mrs. Taffy


Disclaimer: I received this product for free for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed here are my own and I received no other compensation.


  1. Great review! It's fun to hear that others are enjoying the book as much as we are. It's such a great study!

  2. We LOVE this book as well! Not one complaint...


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