Monday, January 10, 2011

Homeschooling High Schoolers

I have an interesting story to tell that might be encouraging to some. I have what feels like two families, my teenagers and my little people. There’s that big gap in between number 3 and 4 and it’s made a gap in my parenting too. On the one hand I’m treating these teens like young adults, letting them make choices and mistakes and on the other hand I have these little ones who need constant reminders and discipline so they can become young adults who make the RIGHT choices and have the freedom to mess up once in a while.

This post has to do with the upper half of my family, specifically my 14 year old, who I don’t blog about much, but he’s a very vital and important part of our family.

thanksgiving 053

Isn’t he handsome?

He has a hobby that has turned into a passion that I hope we can help him turn into a career. Computer Animation.

Last year or the year before, I can’t exactly remember, we bought him a “wanna-be” computer program to practice making little Lego movies. He mastered that program and had a lot of fun making little movies with this Lego guys. Since he was so blessed to get a job this past fall, he’s had his eyes on an even bigger program. This is NO wanna-be animation software, this is the real deal. This is same software that was used to make some of the movie Avatar. (We haven’t seen the movie, that’s just their claim to fame.) This program comes with a pretty hefty price tag too: $1495.00 Ouch! But, Chocolate Taffy was not fazed, he just keeps working and keeps saving and keeps reading his G.A. Henty books. (His dream is to make Henty books into movies.)

While he’s been working and saving, my husband discovered that there is a student version of the software available. The student version is identical to the professional version, it’s just a fraction of the cost. So Chocolate Taffy called to find out more, he read over the application and got discouraged. According to the application, he didn’t qualify. But that didn’t keep my husband from calling anyway and explaining our homeschool status/IT track that Chocolate Taffy is on. And would you believe they approved the application right then and there! In a matter of days Chocolate Taffy became the proud owner of some amazing software for only $195.00!!

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Just look how happy he is?


Now every free moment he has is spent learning the program! It’s an amazing thing!


My whole point for telling you this story is to encourage you in your homeschool journey, especially with your older ones. I know many people end up sending their teens to public high school, but if you can trust the Lord, he can make the way for things like this to happen! This is an amazing testimony to how much God loves Chocolate Taffy, how’s He’s interested in the seemingly insignificant areas of his life. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing in the homeschooling high school arena, it’s all new, all a little scary, maybe by the time Laffy Taffy is that old I’ll feel more confident, but just like everything else on this homeschool journey, when we trust the Lord, He meets us, answers our prayers and shows us the way!

Don’t give up!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. That's so neat! I'm excited for Chocolate Taffy with his new software!

  2. Oh my! How amazing! God is SO wonderful and good! I can just imagine Chocolate Taffy's delight at the news of his approval, let alone getting the package in the mail. I'm so happy for him!

  3. That is truly a wonderful story! It looks like Chocolate Taffy may have found his future career. I have a similar story. Last year, my daughters and I were looking for a new sport or activity to try out. We noticed a sign on our way home one day. It was an ad for local "Riding Lessons". Although the girls had never ridden horses before, they were so excited at the prospect of learning to ride and jump. Long story short - they're still riding and loving it. They volunteer at a horse rescue 2 days a week to learn how to care for and train horses. My oldest has found her passion - she wants to major in equine science and try out for the equestrian team. I'm doing everything I can to help her get there. That includes working our school schedule around volunteering and lessons. She needs as much experience as she can get before she graduates.

    The same is true for my 13 year old. She wants to be a veterinarian. She'll need additional volunteering and apprenticeship time with a vet before she graduates. In our case, the experiences they gain with the horses and trainers are just as important as our other homeschool curricula. Homeschooling through high school presents more opportunities for our teens than public/private schools, and they have the freedom and time to pursue their interests before they get to college. In my opinion, we're giving each child a head start on his/her future. Isn't that great?!

  4. Thanks for sharing that Stephanie! What a great testimoney! It's such an honor to be able to help our children this way!

  5. I love this story! Go Dad for being inquisitive too!

  6. Great post. Wonderful and encouraging. Our daughter also has a passion similar to his - cartooning and animation on paper and on computer. She is only 11 but we will do whatever we can to help her progress with this passion.


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