Thursday, January 13, 2011

What’s happening in the Kitchen

I added a new little thing on the side of my blog.  I’m going to write down my goals for the kitchen each day.  I won’t always stick to them, but if Mr. Taffy is at work and my back isn’t bothering me I can get them accomplished about 80% of the time.


I was thinking this might be a fun way for you to see how we eat, how I plan, and how I get extra stuff done during the day.  I love to see and hear what other people are planning for dinner or what their kitchen goals are, it motivates me somehow, encourages me too, helps me not feel like the ONLY one making dinner!  Smile

I hope you like it!  Several of my recipes are listed under my recipes tag, though not all.  I will continue to add more of my favorite recipes as time goes on.


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh I really like your new addition!! It's very helpful AND encouraging to be sure!! Most weeks I plan menus, and grocery shop for the week. But there are those times when it just doesn't happen and boy do I reget it....every time! It takes so much more creative brain power to think of a meal on the spot, meal time seems so much more frantic, I'm not prepared for the unexpected, AND it usually costs more! Thanks for the motivation to be organized!

  2. I love it!! It also encourages me to see what other women are doing too. :)

  3. I really like your new addition. I'm on my third week in a row of having meals planned so I can use all of the encouragement I can get.


  4. Love it! This will be a great addition to your already fantastic blog....and whoooo-hoooo only 77 days left to go!

  5. Would love the granola recipe - sounds yummie! I combined two cookie recipes tonight...peanut butter and coffee cookies - I simply added 2 tbls of instant coffee to the peanut butter cookie mix. Everyone seems to really like them...I think they are okay - not the greatest but something different if you need a change from PB cookies....


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