Friday, April 22, 2011

See the Light~Review


As part of the Old Schoolhouse Crew I was given the first four lessons of See the Light drawing and Bible curriculum on DVD.

“SEE THE LIGHT” curriculum resources provide materials that are Biblically based, age appropriate, God honoring and Christ centered. These materials motivate, challenge, and demonstrate how the eternal truth of God’s Word can be practically applied to every situation in life.”


Each DVD contains 4 Lessons and costs $14.99.  You can see all of the different DVD’s here as well and package pricing. 


The DVD we reviewed covered Tools of the Trade,  explaining the different supplies needed to use program.  Besides informational, the children also got to practice some different drawing techniques like contour drawing.  You can see the first 3 lessons here.

Initially I had all my children participate.  We had varying levels of interest, but all were willing to give it a try.  The age ranges on this curriculum  are pretty broad, depending on how much exposure to drawing your children have had.  For us, the younger crowd got the most out of it, the older crowd didn’t appreciate the “club” tone. Since I only reviewed the first 4 lessons, I can’t say whether or not the “club” theme changes. They’ve done lots of drawing over the years though, so this wasn’t their first exposure.

A great aspect of this program is how the Bible is integrated into the lessons.  For my little people, this really captured their attention, but my teens…they felt it was a little redundant.  028

The See the Light website offers more than just DVD’s.  You can also subscribe to art lessons via the internet, there is curriculum that correlates with certain lessons, a e-newsletter to sign up for and more! 

To see what other crew members thought, visit the crew blog!



Mrs. Taffy

Disclaimer:  I was given this DVD for free to review, the opinions expressed here are my own and I was not paid.

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  1. Love the photo of your kids watching & drawing- so cute! My older kids felt the same as yours. It was really just perfect for my 7 year old.


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