Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Projects

I think I’ve probably complained enough about our crummy spring and our eagerness to get outside and work.  I’m happy to say that we finally had our desire fulfilled and had a great weekend of getting projects done.  A little disclaimer before I show you the fruits of our labor around here…when I say we, I really mean them.  My little baby was fussy on Saturday so I pretty much held her the whole day.  I did manage to take pictures and feed everybody, but that’s about it for my involvement! 

First and foremost was the garden.  Mr. Taffy and his strapping sons made multiple runs to the compost site to get us some organic garden blend soil.  Our raised beds were in much need of being replenished.

Garden and Easter 006

Garden and Easter 008

You can see he had lots of help spreading the dirt.  They are such eager and cheerful workers!

The second project they tackled on Saturday, a quick and easy one at that, was to fill up our sand box.  In the 4+ cumulative years that we’ve lived here, we’ve never done this.  They love playing out there, it used to be just dirt, now it’s beautiful white sand!

Garden and Easter 011

Garden and Easter 013

Mr. Taffy adding his special touch.

Garden and Easter 016

Garden and Easter 020

The most impressive thing Mr. Taffy did this weekend was replace our hot water tank.


I know this picture isn’t that exciting, but we are so  thankful!  Our last water heater was having such a hard time keeping our water hot.  This one is bigger and has an intact dip tube.  5 people took showers this morning and we didn’t run out of hot water, it was fantastic!

Here’s a glimpse of another project…


…cleaning out the down spouts.

Also they have cleaned and prepared the location for the bees once they arrive, burned more junk wood and I think I hear the pressure washer going.  Mr. Taffy wants to clean the decks and fence. 

Our day will end with Salmon Patty’s on the grill, eaten on our nice clean deck, with strawberry shortcake for dessert.

This is how we like to celebrate our holiday’s: low key, stress less and full of time spent together. 

Happy Resurrection Day!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Nice! We had a gorgeous Saturday too. Today (Sunday) is drizzly and cool. All the outdoor activity looks like a ton of fun. Won't be long before radishes are popping their little heads up!

  2. Everything looks great! We are looking to make some garden boxes and my husband would like to know the sizes of your boxes, if you don't mind. Thanks!


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