Friday, May 20, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures-Week 4

Have I really been doing this for a month already?  Time sure fly’s doesn’t it?

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This has been a fun and challenging week.  During the winter I spent a week telling everybody how I was NOT going to have a garage sale this year.  I just didn’t think it was a good idea with a new baby, I didn’t want to stress myself out.  Then we cleaned out the attic…and I changed my mind, there was just too much good stuff up there to not try and make a little money on some of it.  I wasn’t going to do my sale until the beginning of June, but then I found out that my city was having city-wide sales and after discussing it with my family, we decided to give it a go.  All that to say, we had a garage sale this week!


Thursday was a gorgeous day, and while Banana and Strawberry were running the sale, I took everybody else garage saling around my suburb.  Granted, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had planned too, Salt Water is going through her 6 week growth spurt and needed to nurse about every other garage sale.  It was SLOW going!


I did find some good things though!

001           002

I got this cute little shelf for $3.00.  I cleaned it up with some Briwax and put it in the downstairs bathroom.  The swing was $8.00.  Salt Water really likes it and I really like that it’s small and doesn’t take up much room.


Wild Animals, aka, my children.  I found the masks for .50 each.  Wanna see a really creepy picture?




I love this stuff!  The two blue bowls were $5.00 for the pair.  They are heavy and solid and so nice!  They match my kitchen perfectly and I’m really happy with that purchase.  The crock was $1.00 and is now full of kitchen utensils.  The Pyrex dish and lid was also $1.00.


A Columbia jacket for Blue-Raspberry, $5.00.


A bunch of little dresses for Salt-Water, they were $1.00 each.


The cutest pair of Converse for Laffy Taffy.  I threw them in the wash and they look as good as new now!  .50


A Gap shirt and swimsuit for Blue-Raspberry.  The swimsuit was $1.00 and the shirt .50.

Some other things I got but don’t have pictures of include:

  • 2 pair of 38x36 Relaxed Fit Levi’s for Banana Taffy.  $2.00 each
  • A brand new memory foam pillow for Chocolate Taffy-$1.00
  • A few baby toys at .25 each
  • A bunch of books for .25 each-the kids take these and run off with them before I get a picture usually!

We were going to continue our garage sale this morning, but it’s been raining.  It’s starting to lighten up out there though, so maybe we can reopen.  There’s always tomorrow too!

What did you find while garage saling or thrift store shopping this week?  Wanna link up?  I would love to see what you found!  If you’ve never linked up with us before, read this post first!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Looks like you had a nice day yesterday. Hope you were able to sell a lot of stuff! Love the Columbia Jacket! $5....what a steal!! What fun masks. And the travel baby swing is sooo nice....especially space wise.

  2. Great finds! Great deals!!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love garage sales! You found some really good things...way to persevere through nursing & everything.

  4. You found a lot of great stuff this week!! My favorite is the dress for Salt-Water-its a St. Patty's dress right? I see that you like Carters too. Love the Converse shoes, love the blue bowls, LOVE the masks, and you found a great deal on the swing!! I found a swing today but they wanted 18 so I passed. Good luck on your sale! We went yard saling in the rain tonight, so hopefully you will still have a good sale inspite of the rain.


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