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As part of the Old Schoolhouse Crew I was given some great products from Intellectual Baby to review.


First off is a DVD called Baby’s First Words.  This is a very simple and enjoyable DVD geared toward children ages 3 months to 3 years old, no over-stimulation here.  The purpose of the video is to teach children how to read basic and relevant words.  This 30 minute DVD covers 40 words and includes topics like:

  • body parts
  • baby gear-bottle, diaper, etc.
  • family members & gender
  • Much more!

The idea of the DVD is to expose your young child to the words and pictures once a day for 4 weeks, with the premise that by the end of that time they will be able to recognize the words and in essence be able to read!  The images on the DVD include puppets, adorable live children, real animals and pictures.  The sound quality is clear and consistent and the rhymes are catchy and easy to learn.


The second item I reviewed was a colorful little book called Know Your Monkey, this book covers 21 words.  Here’s how the website explains it:

“These books are specifically arranged to display large text while keeping the illustrations separate, so attention is naturally directed toward the written word.  By pointing to the words as they are being read, babies learn to read effortlessly on the laps of their parents.  The pages that feature illustrations also include text alongside the pictures.  By showing the isolated words and then repeating them next to the pictures, children are able to match words with images in order to help them better understand what they are reading.”


image                  image

The stars of both the DVD and the book are Howie and Skip, funny little monkeys that teach a catchy little song and point out various body parts.

What we thought…

Laffy Taffy really liked the DVD.  It was fun to hear him spontaneously laugh at the funny little antics of the monkeys and children on the DVD.  I didn’t have him watch the DVD everyday as the creator suggests, he just doesn’t have the attention span for it, I can see though how the repetition would in fact teach some word recognition, but in my opinion word recognition is different from being able to read.  The children in the DVD are especially adorable, they all have beautiful brown eyes and freckles, being in a house full of blue eyes, I’m always captivated by brown eyes, they remind me of both of my little brothers!

Personally I enjoyed the book more than the DVD.  The book is colorful and simple, the monkey’s are in puppet form rather than CGI like on the DVD.  The book is also written in a rhyme which to me always makes an enjoyable read.  The pages are nice and sturdy too.

The DVD’s sell for $24.95, but are currently on sale for $19.99.  The books are also on sale for $9.95, normally $11.95.  There is also a reading kit available, that includes all the DVD’s, books and reading cards, you can see that deal here

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Mrs. Taffy


Disclaimer-As a member of the Old Schoolhouse Crew I was given both the DVD and the book in exchange for my honest my review, I was not paid.


  1. Nice review! And about the brown eyes comment -- my mother in law was so excited when W was born, for the same reason. She always hoped someone in the family would have brown eyes among all those blues! Personally I find blue eyes exotic and fascinating!

  2. Its really funny how everyone likes traits, opposite to their own. My hair is straight and flat so I always adored curly hair. Now that my daughter got it I'm even afraid to give her haircut :) Dont want to cut those curls...


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