Friday, June 3, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures Week 6

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After hitting a few offensively over-priced garage sales (what’s with the $5.00 price tags on everything), we finally found a few that made our hunting worth it.  We all came home feeling very satisfied.

One of the sales we visited really made the day great, they had tons of clothes and toys and everything was so cheap!  I bought Banana Taffy 4 pair of shorts, including 1 swimsuit for .25 each.  He bought himself 4 sleeveless work out shirts for .25 and a pair of work out pants for .50.  This was the first time he’s bought himself clothes at a garage sale.  He’s pretty pleased with his purchase though and it’s renewed his desire to jog in the mornings, now that he has something “cool” to where. 


Each of these pieces were .25, they are too big for Bubble Gum now, but they were so cheap and so cute I couldn’t pass them up.


Also for Bubble Gum…the shirt was .25 and the hoodie for .50.


The dress was 1.00 and the sweater .25.  Can you believe it?  These are going to be saved for Bubble Gum also.  It was such a great sale. 


A bunch of miscellaneous stuff.  The flag was 1.00, the book a quarter.  The birthday hat and worm toy were .25, the Judy Clock and fishing game .10.  These all came from different sales.


Some clothes for Salt Water.  The hats were .50 each.  The Gymboree Christmas sweater was 1.00 and the Gymboree Onesie was .50.  The two piece Carters outfit 2.00.


A new outfit for Strawberry.  The pants were 2.00 and the top 1.00.  We also found her a pair of pajamas that I forgot to take a picture of, they were $2.00.  I actually bought her another really cute outfit but we got home and discovered they didn’t fit her well.  Oh well, she has 3 cousins and a couple of girl friends who they will probably fit.


Two pair of Old Navy jeans for Blue-Raspberry.  $2.00 each.


And finally, these little gems, both a quarter!  The clock is the new version of the old toy, it’s still fun and I couldn’t pass it up for quarter.  The bag is homemade out of old clothes and I just think it is so neat.  I came out of the wash just fine.

How was your garage sale week?  Did you find some treasures?  I would love to hear about it!  If you’ve never linked up before, please read this post first.


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Absolutely love all the great stuff you find! How could one ever pay full price for clothes again? Toys are such a great deal at garage sales too. Strawberry looks adorable in her outfit!

  2. Love the polka dot dress! Great price, too! I like the Carter's outfit as well! Actually, I like all the clothes, very cute! I've yet to see many FIAR books at yard sales, great find on The Story of Ping. And, I love the red clock-brings back a lot of childhood memories! So fun!!

  3. PS-Yes! I am still using Google Chrome, but I liked it so much I just stuck with it. I hadnt tried IE again.

  4. Great finds! Don't you love .25 clothes?! I found some neat things this week too. I will try to link up!

  5. Love the little polka dot dress with the white sweater! I love finding great prices on clothes. That's how I did our sale, everything 1.00 and under most being under. People raved about the prices. I forgot to take pictures of our stuff all set up so I don't have a post, but we had a fantastic sale and great weather to boot! I really missed being out there going to sales this weekend though. Can't wait until Friday! lol

  6. New reader here! ;0}

    Love all your great finds! I am a thrifty mamma as well, I never pay full or even half price for clothes...

    May link up soon!!

    Blessings, Sarah beth @


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